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    • Jan 24, 2019
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    Really works!

    I use it daily at night after a hot shower and it gets out some of my "gunk." My face is red after but it hasn’t bruised like some people complain. I use only the oval tool (comes with four total) at the highest setting and I never stop moving it around my chin, nose, and between my eyebrows. I’m pretty sure it prevents acne too, but I don’t get too many breakouts to know either way. I do see that in the morning when I put on my face lotion that I don’t have the black head bumpiness that I used too. It won’t let me upload pics, but I will try to on Amazon. I didn’t give it a five-star review because I feel like it could suck harder and I wish it was easier to clean. I’m 31 and got one for my teenage sister.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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    • Jan 30, 2019

      A L.

      I couldn't agree more Derrick! I'm from down the road from you. Don't expect any difference from these shysters if you go through them! I ORDERED MINE FROM THEM! They charged me $29.66 but they said it'd be $19.99 or whatever with like $8 shipping. came up to $27.98, not $29.66 that they took from my debit card! So I called and told them (I happened to get the same guy who you KNOW is sitting in a tent somewhere in India) and he pulled up my account and told me that I have to send it back to them at my expense and they would refund my $19.99. I said "NO NO! You stole $29.66 from me on 1/23/19!" He said that is non-refundable shipping and sales tax and BS. Okay, not only that, guys, but he said he would credit my card that $19.99. THEY RETAINED MY CARD GUYS! They kept all my info, these creeps have my card! Keep me in mind with you Derrick because I'm going all the way on this and I'm with you 900%!

    • Jan 30, 2019

      A L.

      Bull crap!

    • Mar 12, 2019

      A L.

      Who's smiling now...

      Hunny, you have to look up my comment unless they "removed" it! It is the fact that I wrote to the BBB (Better Business Bureau). I calmly explained how this product simply DOESN'T WORK! But also, I told them of people having facial injuries! I got my money back 3 days later. DO IT. You'll get your money back. Be careful, don't use nasty words, even though they DESERVE IT. Don't just tell BBB in your area - what you spent online or whatever, your experience SUCKED. Hunny, it DOES NOT WORK. And all these peeps are being suckered in and don't know how to get their money back!

      Well, I'm TELLIN YA HOW to get your money back! They're SCHEISTERS. THIEVES. BULL. Not on MY watch! Pfffft!

      Anyway, just do it. Call or email the BBB in your area and tell them ALL of it. You should get EVERY PENNY BACK for that piece of crap.

      Just be careful with your language, no matter how P'Oed you re...I know, I know...difficult.

      I got every penny back from BulbHead in New Jersey. You don't mess with the BBB. Do it hunny cuz all those GOOD COMMENTS are their employees or "extras" who are paid to write false reviews. Call them.

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