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    • Jan 25, 2019
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    Oh Focallure, you suck so very much.

    Overall Experience:

    I put in an order with Focallure on 11/30/18 for items I wanted to take on my Christmas vacation. I was leaving on 12/17/18 and figured it'd be no problem to receive my order by then given that their website promised that I'd receive my order in 5-7 business days. But to make extra sure that I'd have it on time, I paid extra at checkout to "Skip the Line."

    By 12/10/18 I had not received my order, so I reached out to Focallure via Facebook Messenger. I gave them my order number (1001293247) so that they could look it up immediately without much back and forth. I told them of my upcoming trip and that I needed my products no later than 12/17/18. They finally responded on 12/12/18. Within my order, I had signed up for a free BabeBox trial. In their response, they said the BabeBox wasn't available right now so my order hadn't been shipped. But, seeing as how my items were urgent they'd send the rest of my order immediately. I asked why I had never been contacted with an option to split my order, but they didn't respond to that question.

    I waited for a shipment confirmation and finally, on 12/13/18, I received a shipment confirmation and my order was going to arrive on, you guessed it, 12/18/18. One day after I told them I'd be leaving for my vacation. There is no reason that they couldn't get my order to me in time. Even if they had shipped it on 12/10 when I contacted them, it would have arrived on time.

    I then emailed BabeBox and told them that, given the run-around I had received with just a normal order, I didn't NOT want to continue receiving BabeBox and to cancel my subscription. I received an email back that (as someone else also said) started with the snarky, passive-aggressive, "Let me explain a few things first..." I replied with "Let ME explain a few things to you..." I went into how their website says I can cancel at any time and that this was the time I chose to cancel. They're still trying to charge me as of 1/23/19.

    When I knew I wouldn't receive my order on time for my trip, I sent another Facebook message about how frustrated I was with their company and that I had to go out and buy other products for my trip. This is what I received from them:


    I understand the problem you have face. We cannot change the past, but we assure you we will take care in future.

    As an apology, We can offer you a gift card for your next purchase.


    Seriously?! How can a professional email have so many grammatical errors? I wrote back and said thanks but no thanks. That I would never, ever order from them again. Ughhhhhhh.

    Then, I finally received my order upon returning from my trip. Their products SUCK. They're "3D Eyebrows Fibers Gel" has real human hair in it even though their site says "Hair-like Fibers." That's just creepy to me. The product is essentially super glue and little pieces of hair. It's gross and weird. Their matte lipsticks don't ever dry, so they get all over everything. Their foundation colors do not have the undertones promised; I could go on and on. It's one thing to go through all the hassle and at least receive really amazing products in the end. It's quite another to go through the hassle and then receive products worse than the crappy children's play make-up from Claire's.

    Bottom line: Never EVER EVER EVER order from Focallure! NEVER!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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