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    • Feb 4, 2019
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    LiveVantage is a fantastic company with a medical break through product!

    Overall Experience:

    I personally have had a massive positive impact on my life by taking Protandim.

    I would highly recommend it to anyone to please take the product ASAP. My mental clarity and strength are much better. My brain functions at optimal levels these days and I never feel fatigue the way I used to.

    I am diagnosed with mild "Border Line Personality disorder" and was prescribed Escitalopram, which is basically an anit-depressant. For my individual case I have found Protandim to be many times more effective than the prescribed medication.

    What impresses me more is the fact that the ingredients in Protandim are all herbal base.

    Protandim has 24 Peer Review articles on, which is in the US the National Institutes of Health website for medical research. Basically, the repository for all scientific research in the medical field. So, doctors around the world know about this website and they go to it all the time to find out the newest treatment for this that and the other disease and what medication works for what. It funded by the National Institutes of Health in the US, therefore, it’s completely unbiased.

    Protandim is also safe to take with other prescription medications.

    The ingredients in Protandim were actually selected because they were largely metabolized by the liver, which does not interfere with most prescription drugs which are generally metabolized by the kidney, so the general answer to that is "yes, Protandim is safe to take with other prescription medication."

    Thank you LifeVantage! Thank you biochemist Doctor Joe M. McCord.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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