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    • Feb 15, 2019
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    Lemonaid Health

    Acne service useless for most women

    I had gotten prescription acne treatment from them prior without issue, which was good but I wanted to add on what I was missing from a combo I had more success with.

    Second time I used the goodRX gold discount and was declined treatment because I’ve had some facial hair since puberty. I don’t know a single woman that has never had a fine hair on their face. I notice now other providers ask about any abnormal facial hair growth or more recent which I do understand vs. ever having any at all (Dermaplaning exists for a reason). They say you are banned forever after that. I am not sure if it was due to the discount or what as I had no issue the first time.

    I could have provided a copy of my hormone labs if need be (since I’d recently had them checked), but they did not want to help and possibly due to the discount. I understand for women with PCOS things may be different and I’d understand if I had no recent labwork or OB exams to know my acne is unrelated, but really I do not think they should offer a service they can’t provide to half the population.

    Due to being asked to clarify the facial hair and maybe 2 minutes later while typing my reply about it being the normal fine hair I had at 13, and getting shut down before the reply was sent, well that rudeness is why I could never recommend. I can’t see them being useful for anything or even listening to the patient at all after that. I mean that would be no different than my own doctor asking me a question and just walking out of the room saying "I can’t help you" before I responded. Just very strange.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Feb 27, 2019

      Company Response from LMND Medical Group, Inc

      Hi Whitney,

      We’re saddened to hear that your recent experience with Lemonaid Health wasn’t a positive one! We have tried reaching out to you several times and unfortunately have not been able to get through. Please give us a call at 415- 926-5818 so we can help clarify and also help you find affordable care near you.

      We are very sorry you felt you were not being heard or given a chance to explain your response on our questionnaire. As an online provider, we do have certain limitations, one being not having the ability to conduct an examination and provide follow-up care in the same manner a doctor in person would. Therefore, in certain situations, we believe the patient will receive better care if they seek care in-person.

      We deeply apologize that our questionnaire was confusing, which caused the selection of an inappropriate answer. At this time, we are unable to override answers as your responses to the questionnaire become a part of your medical record. However, we are constantly updating our clinical protocols and questionnaires so we hope that with time we will be able to help you again!

      Please give us a call so that you can speak to one of our medical team.

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