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    • Feb 16, 2019
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    Smart Blood Sugar

    Going all out

    Overall Experience:

    I had been using GlucoBurn for many years when I developed steroid induced Type II Diabetes.

    Even after the slow titration down of the steroids, the gift of T2D stayed. When I started using GlucoBurn, I finally went into "remission."

    Unfortunately, my health has taken a turn nosedive, and here I am, back on time released Metformin, because it gives me terrible diarrhea.

    I was VB on auto shipments, and I am a procrastinator, and though I intended to cancel, never did. I recently started taking GlucoBurn and another supplement I had grown to trust from results and kicking it up with the GlucoBurn, I finally got my first result under 120, from the high 180's.

    Yes, I will continue taking. Should not have stopped, not I did this without the book, etc.

    Just found out about the whole program, and YES, I signed up, especially for the shopping lists. I have been studying A LOT about nutrition and all three crap that is in everything, like HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP/ POISON (did you know their manufacturer is petitioning the FDA to change the name to something less threatening or RECOGNIZABLE!)!

    QUITE FRANKLY, anything this inexpensive is worth trying to keep from losing my foot or eyesight! The doctor is in the DFW area. So am I. I intend to make an appointment. Circumin with Bioperine, I believe kept me alive from cancer, and I wholeheartedly believe in natural supplements. But, buyer beware. There is a whole lot of unregulated fairy dusting going on. Check it out.

    Bottom line. Only gave current experience 5 stars because I have not started the complete program yet. When I do, I plan to update this review in 60 days. But GLUCOBURN does help. Whatever you do, stay away from Sytra 5. I believe that is what it is now being called. Very toxic. Very dangerous. I truly believe if I had continued using and tried to ignore the side effects that it would have killed me after it shut down my kidneys and liver.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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