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    • Feb 16, 2019
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    Control GX Shampoo

    It works well

    Overall Experience:

    I started going gray early, starting at 26 and really gray at 46. I didn’t mind it so much because it was a mix color. At 49 I was just super gray with all my hair. I figured I’d try this.

    After 2 uses it brought a lot of my hair back to brown. My temples remained a bit gray but it didn’t bother me. Honestly, since I didn’t want drastic change, I use it only once every 3 weeks and it gives me enough color to feel like I did at 35. If I use it too much, especially in summer, it seemed like the color caused my hair strands to bind together a bit, kinda weighing my hair down, which is why I don’t like to overdo it. In fact, using it once, letting it be for 3 days, seems to allow it to comb through even more. It might be why some people report hair loss. It’s not really hair loss, rather your hair will weigh down a bit after first used but it gets better just normal showering a couple of days after. So I suggest using it once every 3 days at first then stop for a couple of weeks and see how you like it. I go 3 weeks between use. Do exactly as the instructions say, leaving it in a minute. Use palms to massage it in it will slightly discolor nails temporarily.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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