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    • Feb 18, 2019
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    Copper Chef Cookware


    Overall Experience:

    Well, I bought one - wasn't going to, but I really am tired of owning all the crap I have in the cabinets, so I bought one of those things.

    When I unpackaged the pan, I ran my fingers across the bottom - as I do anything like that when I buy it.

    I noticed a couple of little raised "knots" in the bottom, so I put on some magnifiers, and I see they're "bubbles." I lightly ran a fingernail across them and ALL of them came off, and now there's an exposed area, and I'm thinking - "is it safe to use now?"

    Well, I tried calling them - got a Chinese voice telling me to leave a message and somebody will call me back.

    Ok - so I'm sitting here days later and nobody has called me back - so I'm thinking this is one of those scam things, and I do feel I'm right about that.

    Anyway; I really wouldn't recommend buying one of these or ANY of the so-called "copper-chef" type pans, UNLESS you take a magnifying glass WITH you to the store and check out the bottom.

    If you see "bubbles" - do NOT buy it because those "bubbles" will chip right off with a slight dragging of a fingernail across them.

    SO, if a fingernail will take that crap off, imagine what heat and a plastic spatula will do...

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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