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    • Feb 25, 2019
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    Anytime Fitness

    Rude, legal thieves

    Overall Experience:

    First of all, they are e-mailing my 16-year-old daughter. My name is not Abigail.

    I am extremely disappointed because there was some apparent confusion when I signed up for this membership.

    First of all, I made many attempts to contact them by telephone to cancel my membership, no one ever answered. So I began e-mailing. When I did get someone to respond, The man just said, "well, I have been here all day and you never called." Not very professional at all. I called several times.

    I thought I could cancel my membership at any given time. The man that explained things to me, did so via a phone call while I was in his office. He was not there. Another worker got him on the phone to speak with me because apparently, the staff did not know how to sign up new members.

    He spoke so often and quickly, I could barely get a word in. He never once mentioned that the plan I chose (said to be the cheaper of the two) was a contract that I could not cancel. If he had, I would have stopped it right there.

    He told me I would have to get a doctor's note before they could cancel if my reason for canceling was a health problem, otherwise, I owe for a full 18 months whether I use the service or not.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. This is not how a reputable company does business. They should not have done it over the telephone and speak in such a way that the client can't get a word in or remember the questions they had by the time they do get to speak. That should have been my cue to walk away right then, but I did not think much of it at the time. If I were ever told that I would not be able to cancel my membership, I would not have agreed.

    Now they charge my bank account each month and take money for a service I do not even use, have never used and do not want. How is this right?

    I tried to cancel maybe two weeks after I signed up. I paid cash when I signed up and told them I would be paying cash. They still required my bank information. Now I see why. This way, they can just keep taking a person's money regardless of the circumstances. I am pretty certain this is stealing. Especially considering I was railroaded into a "Contract," with no knowledge of these consequences. So now, I have been an unwilling member going halfway into the second month and still have not stepped foot inside the building since the day I signed up. They charge my bank account taking money that should not have been touched and still will not cancel my account.

    The man tells me on the phone, "I am the one that spoke with you. I told you about the contract." But no, he never once told me anything about not being able to cancel my membership. If anyone ever said to me (this is a contract, if you chose to cancel your membership, you will still be required to pay for the full term), I would have not chosen that plan. This is absolutely wrong on so many levels.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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