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    • Mar 4, 2019
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    Don't do it, just run

    One of the most dishonest solar companies. They over evaluate and provide a system larger than your needs, overcharge on cost per kWh and will not assist in making changes to your system or contract so it is a fair deal for both parties. Trying to contact anyone is almost impossible and when customer service does contact you, as they have in an inquiry I recently made, they ignore you for any follow-up requested. Zero stars for this company, if possible.

    Update: I contacted Sunrun customer service rep after several attempts to get a hold of anyone went unanswered. Victoria E. reached out January 31st. Advised they would do an analysis and get back to me February 7th, and after nearly two weeks afterward and no update, I again reached out to Victoria on February 20th. An analysis on my savings over 1-year was sent showing a $10/month savings. Given the fact that I am charged a minimum monthly delivery charge by PG&E of $11.07 for February 2019, I am actually losing money. I asked Sunrun to consider reducing my kWh cost of .27 or remove panels to make it more cost effective. I also asked for an explanation of why I received a $150.00 reconciliation charge which clearly shows my system was not designed properly. Here is the kind response I received from Victoria.

    "At this time, with the system currently saving you from paying a higher PG&E bill, there is no reason for us to adjust the kWh rate. We can do another analysis in a years time and if it is determined that you are losing a significant amount of money, then and only then will we re-evaluate that kWh rate. Sunrun will not be removing any panels from your system, the system remains intact from the time of installation and there are no changes that happen with the design/layout after that point in time. I know these are not the answers you are hoping for, but as it stands right now we will continue to uphold the original agreement, and we can look into this matter again after a full year has passed."

    You decide if this is the company you want to do business with.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 9, 2019
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    Do your own research

    Customer service is non-existent. Emails, phone calls, and text messages go unanswered. They sent a contractor's name to me. I contacted the contractor they came over and I was waiting on a bid. Started doing my own research and found contractor had an expired license through the CSLB website. When I brought this to the attention of BuildZoom, they said the contractor had a license. Never heard from the contractor again. Another contractor had a 1-star review on Yelp. This is what you get with this service.

    The other creepy thing is they can see when a contractor emails and calls you including the length of time you spent on the phone talking with them. I have asked to remove all my information from their site we will see how long that takes. I cannot see a way to close my account myself. I will keep trying.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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