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    • Mar 5, 2019
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    SkinnyMint Teatox

    Honest review

    Overall Experience:

    I will start by thanking the makers of SkinnyMint Night Cleanse for creating a product that not only does what it says it will, in my opinion - it is better than what I expected.

    I have used SkinnyMint teas for more than a year and a half, and I always make sure that no matter what, I have Night Cleanse in my home, ready to use.

    What the Night Cleanse does for me is enable me to flatten my stomach for a stress-free and fun beach weekend, or avoid that "I hate myself for over-indulging last night" feeling. The Night Cleanse has never upset my stomach, doesn’t cause bloating (like a laxative would) and gives me a good feeling of, "Ok I can start being more mindful of what I’m putting in my body for nourishment" or knowing that I look better in my clothes because they are a little bit less sung, and in some cases, loose!

    Overall, SkinnyMint Night Cleanse is my favorite product from SkinnyMint. I am 100% satisfied with Night Cleanse, and will continue to be a very loyal customer.

    I have used SkinnyMint Morning Boost, and honestly, I am more of a coffee person. The Morning Boost, in my opinion, does not have the taste I would need to make me "love" it. Also, it doesn’t have the amount of caffeine I prefer.

    I have used the Morning Boost as a cold brew in the summer by steeping 6 or 7 tea bags overnight in a pitcher of water. I do like having it that way, and I’ll usually put it in a large reusable cup with a lid and straw and take it with me while I run errands. (Btw, if SkinnyMint would create a large reusable tumbler with a lid and reusable straw, I’d be the first to buy it!)

    I like the original gummies better than the new ones. I wish they were an option now. The new gummies taste good, but I prefer the original.

    What the gummies did for me was keep me mindful of what my goals are/were. When I took them, it was a reminder that I want to look good, feel good and put nutrient dense food in my body and avoid junk and processed snacks.

    I love the new coffee packets. However, I use them a little differently than SkinnyMint’s suggested use. I add the packet to the coffee I make at home. It has helped me avoid using harmful artificial sweeteners. I think the coffee packets are not strong enough to use by themselves, but I will continue buying the product because I like it in my morning coffee.

    I have not yet tried the Hot Chocolate, but I’m not really interested.

    I love SkinnyMint. You have a forever customer in me!

    Thanks for the opportunity to write a review.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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