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SkinnyMint Teatox promises to help you lose weight and reduce bloating by boosting your metabolism and increasing the efficiency of your digestive system.


  • Most Ingredients show clinical evidence of health benefits
  • Positive customer reviews


  • Proprietary blends make it challenging to determine ingredient concentration
  • Possible negative side effects associated with longterm use
  • Don’t expect benefits unless you are following a healthy lifestyle

SkinnyMint Teatox Review: Does It Really Work? A Detailed Look

By Lydia Noyes

Updated on: Jun 19, 2020

Diet teas are a booming industry on social media, but many are skeptical about whether they will work to help you shed pounds and belly bloat.

SkinnyMint Teatox is sold as a two-step detox program that utilizes herbs and other natural ingredients to boost your energy levels and cleanse your body. These teas are designed to be drunk at the beginning and end of your day as a kickstart for a healthier lifestyle.

Will this tea work as described to help you lose weight? Our analysis will help you make the right decision for your health needs.

How to Use SkinnyMint TeaTox

The TeaTox program offers a two-step program that’s designed to reduce bloat and boost your energy levels. Regardless of which size you purchase, you’ll receive two vacuum-sealed packets, one containing Morning Boost tea bags and the other with Night Cleanse tea.

The Morning Boost tea is a fruity flavored green tea and yerba mate blend designed to give you a caffeine boost at the beginning of the day. You’re meant to drink one cup a day as a replacement for coffee.

The Night Cleanse tea contains senna leaves, ginger root, lemongrass, and other ingredients designed to cleanse out your system and reduce bloating. Starting on day one, you should drink one cup of this tea every other day, either after your last meal or right before bed.

Analysis of Ingredients

SkinnyMint lists the full ingredients online for both its Morning Boost and Night Cleanse tea:

TeaTox Morning Boost

Green Tea (1,230mg)

Green tea is a natural source of caffeine and antioxidants. Numerous studies show that it can boost the rate at which you burn calories, which can lead to moderate weight loss over time.

For example, one ten-person study found that taking one cup of green tea increased energy expenditure by 4%, and another study found that taking the equivalent of 3.5 cups of green tea before moderate exercise may increase fat burning by 17%.

Proprietary Blend of Herbs (770mg)

Yerba mate is an herbal tea made from an evergreen shrub of the same name. It’s rich in antioxidants and known for boosting mental focus, even though it contains less caffeine than coffee.

Research shows yerba mate might boost metabolism by decreasing your total fat cell count and the amount of fat they contain. One 12-week study found that participants given three grams of powdered yerba mate a day lost an average of 1.5 pounds, while a placebo group gained 6.2 pounds.

Nettle leaves come from a Northern European shrub and have long been used for herbal medicine. There’s some evidence that taking 500mg capsules of nettles every eight hours for three months can have positive effects on blood glucose levels for people with diabetes, especially when used with traditional blood sugar medications.

Dandelion plants are highly nutritious, and their dried roots and leaves are often added to teas. There’s evidence that the plant’s chicoric acid can reduce blood sugar levels by improving how well muscles can absorb glucose. Initial research also indicates dandelion might support weight loss, but there’s no consensus on this yet.

Guarana fruit comes from a Brazilian plant and contains a range of stimulants like caffeine and theobromine. These compounds may contribute to more efficient metabolism and subsequent weight loss.

Night Cleanse

Senna leaves (500mg)

Senna leaves thrive in tropical climates, and they are used to make a sweet tea that’s often marketed for constipation relief. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits, though the American Herbal Products Association recommends against taking the tea long term.

Proprietary Blend of Herbs (2,000mg)

Ginger root is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that promote health. It’s often taken to treat nausea, reduce muscle pain, and eradicate chronic indigestion by speeding up the stomach emptying process.

One study revealed that taking 1.2 grams of ginger powder with a meal helped participants empty their stomachs’ 50% faster.

Lemongrass leaves are often used in detox teas, though their purported benefits are based on anecdotal evidence. The leaves are naturally diuretic, which means they will dehydrate you over time.

Peppermint leaves are added to tea to relieve digestive problems like gas and bloating. An analysis of nine studies found that peppermint oil reduced irritable bowel syndrome symptoms better than a placebo. There’s also some evidence that the oil can reduce your appetite, consequently leading to weight loss.

Dandelion root: see the previous section

Marshmallow root is a natural diuretic that has long been used for a source of relief from constipation. In large doses, it can cause an upset stomach. Healthline recommends you take between 2-5ml of liquid marshmallow extract three times a day to treat constipation.

Hawthorn berries have a tangy taste and tradition of use in natural remedies for digestive problems. They contain plenty of fiber, which acts as a prebiotic to support healthy gut bacteria. One study with rats found that hawthorn extract sped up the transit time for food in the digestive system.

Cardamom seed makes for a desirable spice, though the plant has long been used medicinally. It’s often mixed with other herbs to treat stomach ulcers, though most existing studies on these benefits were conducted on rats, not humans.

Cinnamon bark is known for its anti-diabetic effects, and taking between 5-20 mg per kg of body weight can lower your blood sugar by decreasing the amount of glucose absorbed into your bloodstream after a meal.

Burdock root is considered an antioxidant powerhouse that works to remove toxins from the blood. We couldn’t find any benefits specifically related to weight loss or digestion.

Key Takeaways:

Almost every ingredient in SkinnyMint tea shows some scientific evidence for being beneficial for weight loss or digestive issues.

However, most of the available research involved participants who took the compounds as powders or in capsules rather than steeped in tea. This significantly changed the amounts you ingest per serving and may cancel out these stated health benefits.

As the bulk of these ingredients are listed as a proprietary blend, it’s not clear how much of each you’ll take in per serving.

So, while the ingredients in these teas have the potential to speed up your metabolism, reduce bloating, lower your blood sugar levels, and even help you lose weight, there’s minimal evidence to support they will do so at the dose provided by SkinnyMint.

Precautions and Possible Side Effects

As with many detox tea drinks, SkinnyMint tea works by triggering a mild laxative effect to keep your system regular. This can lead to some unintended side effects, including dehydration, bloating, gas, nausea, and diarrhea.

Senna leaves are the most notorious cause of this side effect, and we mentioned above that regular use isn’t recommended.

Likewise, the caffeine in the Morning Boost tea might leave you feeling jumpy and having difficulty concentrating. Drunk too late in the day, it might impact your sleep.

SkinnyMint tea is not recommended for pregnant women or anyone under 15 because these people shouldn’t intentionally be suppressing their appetites. It also shouldn’t be taken by anyone with a history of cardiac problems, high blood pressure or diabetes.

There’s also some concern that this tea can affect your birth control, so it’s best to talk to your doctor before taking it.

Pricing and Refund Information

A 28-Day Day Ultimate Teatox Program Costs

  • Single Pack Serving: $54.90
  • Two-Pack Deal: $89.90

The Bundles Include:

  • 28 Bags for Morning Cleans
  • 14 Bags for Night Cleanse

All SkinnyMint products can be sent back to the company within 30-days of purchase, so long as they are in unopened, like-new condition.

If accepted, you will receive store credit for the full purchase value, minus shipping costs. Returns aren’t permitted for any opened packages.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

Eleven customers have left reviews for SkinnyMint Teatox on our website, averaging 4.1-stars overall. Here’s a snapshot of their comments, also taking into account the feedback on Amazon, where this brand averages 3.7-stars after more than 200 reviews.

Common Compliments:

  • Great Taste, Energy Boost: Many shared that the morning tea gave them as much energy as coffee and tasted great mixed with honey and lemon.

  • Reduces Bloating: Customers loved that this tea kept their stomachs looking flat when they paired it with a healthy diet. Many attributed this to its mildly laxative effect.

Common Complaints:

  • More Purchasing Options Preferred: Some users shared that they wished they could purchase just the morning or the evening tea without the other type.

  • Didn’t Work as Described: Many complained that they didn’t look or feel different after following this tea cleanse. A few reported that they gained weight while taking it.

  • Unhappy with Flavor: Some reported that they hated the tea’s taste, even though they were regular tea drinkers.

The Bottom Line

SkinnyMint tea promises to give you more energy and clean out your digestive system so that you look less bloated. Customer reviews indicate that many people find this tea works as described and were happy to take it for the long term.

However, the evidence is scant that a detox tea cleanse will really offer long-term health benefits or help you lose weight. While these drinks contain natural ingredients credited with boosting the metabolism and reducing bloat, they come in a proprietary blend that makes it impossible to know precisely how much you’re taking in.

Likewise, any benefits associated with a tea detox will be temporary and negligible unless you pair them with a healthy diet and lifestyle. While you might lose weight with detox drinks, this is likely to be water weight, not from shedding fat.

And while the ingredients themselves have proven benefits at high concentrations, there isn’t any evidence that they work the same way when taken as a tea.

SkinnyMint Tea doesn’t seem dangerous when taken as described. We recommend against signing up for a subscription, so you don’t feel obligated to drink it for more than a few weeks at a time.

Customer Reviews

4.1 Stars out of 11 Reviews
5 Star:54% 4 Star:27% 3 Star:0% 2 Star:9% 1 Star:9%
82% Recommend This Company
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Posted on Mar 22, 2019

Taste, quality, and energy.

By Agata D., Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I absolutely love the taste...add a little bit of honey and lemon and I'm off to a great start.

The tea provides me with some form of energy (compared to just drinking a regular caffeinated tea) and I've seen an improvement in bloating, and I bloat a lot normally, and not craving as many sweets or being as hungry. Keeps me regular and able to go if I'm not able to as well!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Mar 20, 2019

Great product

By Chelsee S., Wyoming, Verified Reviewer

This product helps with a bloating feeling that I have, even though I eat fairly healthy, I still feel bloated. After a week or so of this tea, I notice a HUGE difference. And it tastes great! It doesn’t taste bitter or nasty or anything, it tastes refreshing!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 1 Person Has Voted

Posted on Mar 5, 2019

Love this product.

By Anne C., Ireland, Verified Reviewer

Love this product. Like the taste of both morning boost and night cleanse. Quick delivery. Not sure about the whole detox thing but certainly didn’t put up weight. Be careful with the night cleanse. It works.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Mar 5, 2019

A good start to a clean lifestyle

By Melanie B., Canada, Verified Reviewer

I personally was happy with the results of my Teatox.

I’m not a big tea drinker so I definitely had to get used to the taste. The Night Cleanse tea did cause a little bit of cramping in the morning, but this went away over time.

Like most Teatox programs, clean eating and exercise are needed in order to see results. I really noticed a difference in the flatness of my stomach. I did also notice much better results when I used their fat burning gummies (which I think taste great) in conjunction with the tea. I did find that if I went back to my old eating habits, yes I did gain some of the weight back (which is expected).

I do live in Canada and have noticed that their prices now only show in USD. With our dollar being what it is, it is definitely too expensive for me to do often. That being said, they do offer BOGO programs, discounts on bundles of products or percentages off.

As I said before, if you are eating poorly and expecting drastic results while taking this tea, then maybe this product isn’t for you. If you are looking for a product to help boost your lifestyle change than in my opinion, it does work. I will be purchasing it again in the future.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Mar 5, 2019

Honest review

By Peggy D., Wheaton, IL, Verified Reviewer

I will start by thanking the makers of SkinnyMint Night Cleanse for creating a product that not only does what it says it will, in my opinion - it is better than what I expected.

I have used SkinnyMint teas for more than a year and a half, and I always make sure that no matter what, I have Night Cleanse in my home, ready to use.

What the Night Cleanse does for me is enable me to flatten my stomach for a stress-free and fun beach weekend, or avoid that "I hate myself for over-indulging last night" feeling. The Night Cleanse has never upset my stomach, doesn’t cause bloating (like a laxative would) and gives me a good feeling of, "Ok I can start being more mindful of what I’m putting in my body for nourishment" or knowing that I look better in my clothes because they are a little bit less sung, and in some cases, loose!

Overall, SkinnyMint Night Cleanse is my favorite product from SkinnyMint. I am 100% satisfied with Night Cleanse, and will continue to be a very loyal customer.

I have used SkinnyMint Morning Boost, and honestly, I am more of a coffee person. The Morning Boost, in my opinion, does not have the taste I would need to make me "love" it. Also, it doesn’t have the amount of caffeine I prefer.

I have used the Morning Boost as a cold brew in the summer by steeping 6 or 7 tea bags overnight in a pitcher of water. I do like having it that way, and I’ll usually put it in a large reusable cup with a lid and straw and take it with me while I run errands. (Btw, if SkinnyMint would create a large reusable tumbler with a lid and reusable straw, I’d be the first to buy it!)

I like the original gummies better than the new ones. I wish they were an option now. The new gummies taste good, but I prefer the original.

What the gummies did for me was keep me mindful of what my goals are/were. When I took them, it was a reminder that I want to look good, feel good and put nutrient dense food in my body and avoid junk and processed snacks.

I love the new coffee packets. However, I use them a little differently than SkinnyMint’s suggested use. I add the packet to the coffee I make at home. It has helped me avoid using harmful artificial sweeteners. I think the coffee packets are not strong enough to use by themselves, but I will continue buying the product because I like it in my morning coffee.

I have not yet tried the Hot Chocolate, but I’m not really interested.

I love SkinnyMint. You have a forever customer in me!

Thanks for the opportunity to write a review.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Mar 5, 2019

Quick bloat remover!

By Sara V., Grand Rapids, MI, Verified Reviewer

I go back to SkinnyMint Teatox every time I need to get rid of stomach bloat. Within days my belly flattens again, I have more energy to workout and I feel amazing! I really enjoy the taste of both the AM and PM teas. When I add the fat burning gummies to the mix, I feel maximum results!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Mar 5, 2019


By Kimberly F., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I absolutely love the product! It, along with regular exercise, helped me shed those tricky last couple of pounds. My only recommendation is that you make your website a little easier to use. In the past, I’ve wanted to buy a specific product, but because it wasn’t the one being promoted that particular point in time, it was really hard to purchase what I wanted rather than the website trying to make my deduction for me.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Mar 5, 2019


By Jo D., United Kingdom, Verified Reviewer

I love the Teatox. I have been drinking the morning teas for a long time now and love the taste of them. I was a little disappointed to find out you can no longer buy the morning ones on their own, because you have to have a break on the evening ones so I like to carry on with just the morning ones, but now I can’t buy them separately. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to keep buying them for, so on the lookout for something as good then may try them.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Mar 4, 2019

SkinnyMint is tasty and easy to use

By Philippa Y., Australia, Verified Reviewer

I have been using SkinnyMint for a year now. The products are tasty and easy to use. Deliveries are always quick and are reasonably priced compared to other weight loss assisting products. I have recently tried the coffee, which is very nice, but have yet to try the hot chocolate. I can’t say I have lost weight with these products because I don’t use them every day but still love them.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Feb 20, 2019

Took my money and didn’t provide the product!

By Sarah D., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Verified Reviewer

I ordered the 28-day Teatox cleanse when it was on sale for buy one get one free. I only bought this product because of the amazing deal they had.

They only sent me one month's worth instead of the two that I had paid for! When I emailed them they refused to cooperate and will not provide me with the rash of my order! Terrible dodgy company! Don’t waste your money!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 1 Person Has Voted

Posted on Aug 20, 2018

Not worth it

By Janet W., Chicopee, MA, Verified Reviewer

I gave two stars because they shipped fast. Beyond that, I was not pleased. I bought the day and night 28-day detox combo on Amazon after seeing their ads all over the place. The ads and website all boast about faster metabolism and more energy. I know that a Teatox can't be a miracle, but I was hoping it try something new to slim down a bit.

Well, let me just say, I would not recommend the product. The brand looks all bright and fun, but the product was awful. For one, I did NOT like the taste of either the day or night tea. I tried it with lemon and honey, but it didn't mask the low-quality taste. I'm a tea drinker and even Lipton, but this was NOT good.

Second, I actually gained two pounds in two weeks after drinking this tea. I eat okay so I thought It would take so something, nope. The only thing I lost was the money I spent! Third, and what I've seen other reviewers say too, is that it makes my stomach feel awful some days! It seems it really did depend on if I had food in my stomach already, but I don't trust a Teatox that makes my stomach knot up.

I hope this helps, avoid this if you can! I'm sure there's a better detox or something out there.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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