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    • Mar 6, 2019
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    Be aware of so called repairs! Scandalous to say the least! Even with proof you won’t save money!

    Overall Experience:

    Be aware of Opendoor's scandalous procedures! Especially when it comes to any so-called "needed repairs." They gave us a whole lot less than what the house was worth to begin with, but the thing I’d like everybody to know is this...they send people out to look at your house first to check for any repairs that need be done prior to close. This is how they really screw you over! I’m mentioning this as the pool contractor guy they sent out to look at our pool, he actually broke our pool heater himself accidentally, then snuck away without saying a word. Which ended up frying out the system and we could no longer run our filters or use our pool due to his mistake. And what Opendoor did, was that they then actually went and charged us $5340 for his mistake to get this repaired. I have all the pictures, receipts and documents to show how all was perfectly just fine prior to them coming to our home. Nothing at all was wrong with our pool. I had just had it all completely redone. But because of their pool guys mistake resulting in him breaking the pool heater, they turned around and charged us when we had nothing to do with that. So I had to pay over $5,000 on pool issue alone.

    I only ended up using Opendoor as I already was in the middle of closing on another house in Florida already and I couldn’t bail out because I was already too far into the game at that point in time. They say they will look into issues to try to resolve them, but trust me...THEY WON'T! They take advantage of the fact knowing that on a move, people have so much going on, that we just don’t have the opportunity to pursue issues that are not being fairly dealt with.

    Not only was this one repair issue charged, but they charged us for repairs that we went ahead and fixed ourselves, as they told us if we did so we would not be charged for them. That was all lies! I have receipts and pictures all to prove I had taken care of these things, such as painting the inside of medicine cabinets, that they in turn did nothing to them (for I repainted them myself already), yet they still charged me $90 for that one example alone too. So they will charge you even if you do your own repairs, although they will tell you differently to begin with. Then they charged me $400 to completely trash out the house when in reality it had indeed been trashed out completely. I had paid to have this done and have pictures to prove so, but in the end, they still charged me $400! DO NOT TRUST THEM!

    I would also like to note that I had accidentally left behind my makeup bag with my expensive perfumes, makeup, and facial cleansers, etc. under the bathroom sink and called them the following day after we closed to ask if they would kindly leave that with the neighbor, but they refused to do that one simple thing for me and it was a small makeup bag (worth about $200 belongings inside) not weighing more than a pound. I had already left Las Vegas to drive to Florida so I could not turn around, but they would not do a simple thing as drop it off next door for my neighbor to ship to me. It was a small pouch that’s meaningless to them but not to me, but they DO NOT CARE! So I lost a good $200 in items there too.

    So, in the end, I lost out on a good $20,000 - $40,000 on the house alone, plus another $7,500+ for false claims of repairs they said they had to do (which in reality I had fixed on my own already so they had nothing to do). So everyone be aware that even if you do your own repairs they will NOT take that into account and they WILL still charge you for them even if they do absolutely nothing after you’ve done all the work yourself. I needed the money to buy my new home so I went with it, but you do need to be aware that they WILL rip you off as much as they can.

    Be aware of their so-called contractors they send to your home. If they break something, Opendoor will not accept responsibility on behalf of those people they send out to your home and in the end, you will have to pay for things that these people break. They will send out about 5 different people so you can’t watch all 5 at the same time. They are sneaky and very corruptive! Opendoor is only good if you have no other choice so be prepared to lose out at least $40,000 in the process of doing so. I regret trusting them. Don’t bother doing any repairs for you will end up paying no matter what! They should not be able to do this to people as it just is not right!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Mar 15, 2019

      Company Response from Opendoor

      Hi Angie,

      We apologize for what sounds like a frustrating experience. Can you send an email to with the address of the property so our team can take a look at this? This seems like a very unusual experience so we would like to escalate this with our internal teams.

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