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    • Mar 8, 2019
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    My opinion of JustFab

    To all those who are curious as to the legitimacy and general business practices of JustFab.ca, this is my detailed, honest and unbiased opinion.

    My name is Emily,

    I have been using JustFab since the first year they started advertising on TV in Canada, which if I'm not mistaken wasn't long after the company's Canadian launch.

    I'll start from the beginning with my first experience purchasing from JustFab.ca in May 2015.

    The first pair of shoes I ordered 4-inch high black stiletto boots. The first day I wore them the heel broke. To be honest, they weren't my style anyway, and I was wasn't wearing them for their intended use of being a fashionable pair of boots to wear on a night out.

    I wore them to work. I was a manager at the largest sports bar in North America and during my 9-hour shifts - according to my pedometer - would walk anywhere between 6km on the average Monday Lunch shift to a staggering 22km on any given NHL, NBA, or MLB Home Game.

    I was bummed, but they were also $40, and if I had worn them out to dinner or for a girls night out I'm sure it wouldn't have happened.

    I gave JustFab another chance, and since female managers were required to wear heels, I decided to go with a more practical option. 2.5" - 3" close-toed heels that didn't have a wall along the side of the middle inner arch. There was padding for the heels and balls of your feet. And there were 1" pieces of elastic/fabric stretched across the top of the inner heel backing that filled that little space between your Achilles heel and the shoe, this elastic piece completely prevented my Achilles Heel from sliding around and/or EVER touching the back of my shoe. I had never seen it on a pair of shoes before.

    I bought the exact same pair in a different color and wore them 5 days a week, walked an average of 75km a week in them for almost two years, and NEVER ONCE got a blister or broke a heel.

    I have been in love with JustFab ever since. Really fast shipping and the shoes have either met or most frequently exceed any and all quality expectations for a $40 pair of shoes.

    The clothes are great quality for the price. They had a clothing item called "3/4 length sleeve printed wrap dress" with multiple designs. I bought 6 different designs and wore them to work more than anything else in my wardrobe.

    This is where my ONLY TRUE piece of constructive criticism for JustFab comes in to play...

    I had at least 2 people per day ask me where I got these dresses. I told EVERYONE about JustFab. And pretty soon all my dresses were sold out. They have had so many new patterns of that exact up and I get SO EXCITED but my size (XS - SM) is ALWAYS SOLD OUT.

    I have put my name on the lists for auto-purchasing should the dress(es) ever come back in stock but they NEVER do. Which really sucks because clearly they have sold out in all 20 designs so their customers clearly love them.


    Unfortunately, this has become a trend with clothes in my size.

    From a business standpoint, selling out of something is never a bad problem to have, but it sucks for us JustFab Die-Hards who shop in the SX/SM category. There have been times where over 10 times in a row I've instantly fallen in love with something and excitedly clicked on it only to find that my size is sold out, clicked on "back to shopping" and prayed that the next thing I pick will be available in my size.

    JustFab is officially the ONLY place that sells jeans that truly fit me properly and give me confidence but the small sizes are often sold out.

    Aside from wishing they would restock on the pieces that are obvious must-haves and instantly sold-outs, I have nothing negative to say.

    And this is the first review I have ever posted about them. I saw the low rating and got upset because JustFab deserved to be RECOGNIZED AND APPRECIATED for their AWESOMENESS.

    I hope they do see this review because I truly believe that if they do, they will take my reviews and opinions into consideration because it's obvious that they do care about the happiness of their customers.


    Take a look at their Denim Catalogue and their thoughtfulness towards girls who have more curves and girls who struggle finding the Demin to compliment unique figures (such as myself). I'm a size SX/SM in the waist but I've got some love handles, thicker thighs, and some definite junk in the trunk.

    JustFab provided me with the ability to wear jeans for the first time in 5 YEARS. I've worn tights, dresses, and yoga pants for 5 years. I bought my first pair of JustFab jeans 4 months ago and I've purchased a total of SIX PAIRS since then.

    This may just be my opinion, but from what I can see, yes, they care about their customers' happiness with their products, but they ALSO care about making products that inspire their customers to be happy with themselves.

    I got a new sense of self confidence for a price I can actually afford. I know my review may sound corny but I buy 90% of my clothes from JustFab so I'm just being 100% honest. (Plus this is literally and officially the first online review I have ever written/posted in my entire life, so I wanted it to count as I'll probably never do it again.)

    To sum it up:

    • Fabulous clothes.

    • Fabulous shoes.

    • Fantastic prices.

    • Large selection for girls in all shapes and sizes.

    • Fast delivery.

    • Customer appreciation.

    • Loyalty rewards.

    Thanks JustFab!

    Much love.

    P.S. Slightly harsh but definitely true foot notes:

    To the haters who flipped out over the monthly membership payment and wrote their negative review without actually giving the JustFab membership program a fair try...

    I dont mind being billed $40 a month if I forget to SKIP THE MONTH which they DO GIVE YOU the option to do, accompanied by email REMINDERS and more than enough time to do so!

    When I forget to skip, it's like getting a surprise gift from myself, lol.

    Set a recurring monthly alarm if you can't remember to skip the month, or deactivate your account. Don't blame JustFab for your own negligence in reading a company's fully available policies before filling in your credit card number and clicking the little box that says "I agree to the Terms."

    If you aren't fully confident in your knowledge and understanding of how to navigate through a company's website to their policies and procedures for online purchases, then it might be best to use a pre-paid credit/gift card when placing orders online.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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