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    • Mar 14, 2019
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    Just about useless

    Overall Experience:

    Zoosk is just about useless. It will present you with profiles that typically include images of lots of people, but it seems to me that with even the most basic of technology that the app should be able to narrow down who you are presented with and who you are presented to. If not, why should I bother to fill out a profile of who I am most interested in. Take for example someone viewing me, I should not show up in a feed of someone who does not match what I am looking for but the vast majority of "views" are from people who are not even a remote match for who I am seeking. The app should be able to filter this. It is a waste of time for them to see me and for me to have to delete them. Likewise with the carousel, the only demographic it seems to match for is age range. Of the 50 people on any given carousel, only 1 or 2 fit the general profile that interest me - black men. I spend an inordinate amount of time clicking off/blocking people who are white who I am sure are very nice but not within the demographic I am looking for.

    The lack of filtering by the app is annoying.

    I also find it annoying that the "view" notification, notifies both parties even when there was not an intentional view. To me, a view should be I see the picture, and open the profile. Not the app has sent me a picture, forces me to interact with it by hitting the X, or arrow to pass forward, and then notifies the other party that I viewed when I did not. I know most of the views I am receiving result from this ridiculous set up so you do not know who actually took initiative to "read" my profile, "view" me.

    I will not renew my subscription. I have tried other dating apps. I do not remember them being as useless as this. More random notifications of people who really didn't "look" is not better than having less notifications that reflect people who actually did have some initial interest.

    If you sign up, just do a month. If you like it, then do the multi-month plan. I return to the site only because I have paid for it. When it ends, I will not be back.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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