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    • Mar 14, 2019
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    Roman ED Meds

    Roman - an epic fail twice over

    I used Roman for the first time today, or rather I tried to. I was going to order the generic version of Viagra, Sildenafil, which at $6 a dose is not bad.

    As appropriate they collect my health data, including other meds I take, via a 30-question survey. I indicated I take a blood thinner, which I've been on for over two decades without an issue, and with which I've taken Viagra, under a Doctor's prescription, in the past. Further, a quick online search showed no interaction between Coumadin and Sildenafil.

    After going through the entire process, and entering my credit card info, I got an email back from a Roman doctor. It told me they couldn't prescribe Sildenafil because of its interaction with Coumadin! Huh...what interaction? He told me I could try Cialis.

    So I tried getting Roman's price for Cialis, and discovered that the only way I could do that is to start all over again, playing 30 questions. Really? Even logged in I couldn't get a price, and I tried every possible way I could, finally leaving an (as yet unanswered) question with Customer Support.

    Two strikes and you're out Roman. This was a bad customer experience for two entirely separate reasons. I'm going back to my Doctor, and not likely to visit Roman again.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 2, 2019

      Company Response from Roman Health

      Hi E - this is Mike from the Roman care team, I'm so sorry this has been such a process. It sounds like your experience was not the best, but please know we're committed to making this right.

      We apologize for the miscommunication, but you don't have to go through another online visit to be prescribed a different medication for the same treatment. I wasn't able to locate your account, but if you email us at care@ro.co ATTN: MIKE I'll make sure to resolve your issue personally.

      Also, our medication prices are always available at getroman.com/pricing

      Really looking forward to your response, and happy to provide a credit towards your first order to help make up for the misunderstanding. Thanks!

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