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    • Mar 17, 2019
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    ASEA Redox Supplement

    Amazing product

    Overall Experience:

    I came across this oddly after I prayed for help - was bedridden for months, unable to look after my 10-year-old son after moving into a property that I had no idea had air born mycotoxins from a damp unvented chimney breast wall in my bedroom covered in wood chip wallpaper. For months I went down with 41 symptoms related to biotoxin illness - didn't know about it till months later.

    I took ASEA in the third month of being completely on death's door - really really ill and weak. I didn't know what it was about - what it would do, but I was prepared to try anything. I had written funeral plans and ready to give up. I was so weak and so life lacking ill. After 4 days of feeling like total crap (I realise now my body was rapidly detoxing), I regained some of my brain function that had melted away - memory was shot - I started to feel like I could climb the stairs to my son's bedroom...pick up a vacuum, even do a pathetic star jump. I had not felt able to do any of this in months.

    I took ASEA on a flight to the sun over Xmas with my son who had been coughing also constantly...we continued to drink it, sweated out toxins and came back to the horrid flat, found mold in the car, googled it with Chronic fatigue and then discovered I was renting a very sick out, having inhaled a whole load more of these horrible neurotoxic pathogens. I now understand why ASEA saved my life - mold kills, especially the vulnerable to mold. Shuts all organs down bit by bit. ASEA Redox counters the cell death that these toxins produce in the body - it helps with oxidative literally saved my life.

    We are still battling residual impact - in various ways, as we have not afforded to keep up the intake, but when I do buy a case, my health improves, the stiff joints ease, the sight returns sharper, the energy improves and life feels good again. This is hardcore science - many illnesses caused by inflammation resulting from toxic environments, people haven't a clue, this breakthrough tech is really the only thing out there that helped us (my son and I).

    This is no placebo, it's not just salt's really able to help restore your body's needed glutathione levels, cell signaling, and get to work on the cellular repair. This is NEXT level healing - the proof was in the taking, blindly, and not knowing what would happen. You can't fake chronic fatigue - you've got it or you haven't, you can't fake memory fog - its vile, and ASEA really does fix it all. I even put it in my eyes now when they are red and agitated as the mold destroyed much of my sight (long distance/visual contrast sensitivity). Trust me - you cannot go wrong.

    I have spent hundreds on vitamins and powders that do little on their own - but this is the best product by far. I have even used the RENU gel which has fixed loads of things - my hands were aching from formaldehyde furniture I had made flat packed, I got rid of the furniture, it was toxic but hands remained stiff and sore for months, especially in the mornings. I rubbed ASEA gel on them - and never bad since. I have NO invested interest in sharing this info with you other than a heart that cares about people who are ill - and want you to be better. TRUST it - trolls who have nothing wrong with them will tell you its no good, take it from me, it's very good.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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