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    • Mar 19, 2019
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    South Beach Diet

    An unethical company with bad business practices!

    Overall Experience:

    I can't say I am jazzed about the New South Beach Diet at all. There are several issues, and as the food concerned, I am disappointed. It was problems from the beginning. The sales representative I spoke to when I signed up wrote my email wrong, so I never received a welcome email which probably had a lot of information stated in it. I called the South Beach diet and asked if perhaps they could resend it to the correct email address, but they never did, oh well, probably not the worst that could happen, but it would have been nice to have it.

    I did know that the food dishes came frozen and like the salesperson suggested when I signed up, I have taken out a couple of food dishes from the freezer the night before and let the food thaw, so I don't have to microwave the heck out of it before I eat it. I told the salesperson that I did not feel like eating frozen and microwaved food at the same time since that did not sound very healthy to me. I also mentioned to the sales representative when I signed up with the New South Beach Diet that I have severe food sensitivities to beef and pork (my digestive system can't digest it due to health issues), and frankly after have not eaten this type of food in 30 some years, it feels disgusting eating it. The sales person told me not to worry since I would be able to replace any of the red meat dishes. However, I have several times now thawed a food dish, warmed it up/cooked it on the stove top only to find that it had indeed had ham or beef in it; I am so disappointed!

    I was starving and was looking forward to eating something. I thought to my self that diet certainly can be stressful but doing a diet the way South Beach intended it to be, dieting is supposedly less stressful. I ended up not being able to eat many of the dishes and had to wait until I had thawed a new meal (or microwave the food which I was not happy about), or until they sent me a replacement. The result was that I had to go to the store to buy more food.

    I ended up making countless calls that were very frustrating for the most part. I wanted to cancel the South Beach Plan, but I was informed that I would have to pay additional money to do so. I thought to myself, that after all the frustration I now have to pay this unethical company more money? The ethical thing to do would be to state that the New South Beach Diet is not for people who have a food sensitivity to beef and pork because their meal plan is full of it! Their food/protein shakes, the casing around their sausages, and not to mention the many dishes.

    After making a phone call regarding finding pieces of ham in a breakfast dish I was told that I would be contacted via phone the following day by sales representative after he had spoken to a supervisor, I said to them that the nutritional information did not mention it had ham in the dish. However, no one called (I was told that I might be able to cancel without the additional cancelation fee).

    There are more awful things to mention, but I am not going to that at this time, other than saying that the New South Beach Diet company has unethical business practices, and that their sales representatives and diet counselors need to be trained more dealing with potential problems that may come up.

    I do not recommend the New South Beach Diet to people with food sensitivities since you only end up wasting a lot of money for nothing besides this company would make anyone weight loss regiment a raving hell. I wish there were nice things to say, but unfortunately, there are none.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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