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    • Mar 20, 2019
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    Success for no more barking!

    Overall Experience:

    We received our PetGentle and within three days our doggies had stopped nearly all of their barking. To be exact, they now only bark one bark, when there is something alarming, the gardener, mailman, etc. and when anyone follows with a "no bark" command, they immediately stop and we reward them. During the first three days, when they started their incessant barking, we said "no bark" and as they continued we pushed the button of the PetGentle. We never had to push it more than twice as their distaste of the pitch stopped them from barking within a very short (5 second) period. When they stopped, we rewarded them with lots of praise and pets (we don't believe in treats for behavior). Within three days we were down to one bark, warning, quite. The only drawback was that we have three doggies. One is a faster learner and another more stubborn. So when we continued to need to correct Mr. Stubborn, the others were alarmed and confused as they were not barking but receiving the signal noise. Even to the point that Mr. Quick Learner was so anxious we needed to assist him with some CBD oil to stop his quivering. It's not always a perfect solution, but we have used the PetGentle only once in the past two weeks. This worked so well that I don't think we've used it more than 10 times since we got it. That said, the less it is needed, ongoing, the more effective it is!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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