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    • Mar 5, 2016
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    Gotham Steel Pans

    Alert - Gotham Steel non-stick cookware

    Overall Experience:

    Great infomercial, great promotional effort. The product I'm reviewing is the Gotham Steel Non-Stick pans.

    First, we waited almost six weeks for the product to arrive. They arrived in two separate shipments over 10 days apart, (we opted for the "enhance your package" deal by adding the 11" and 12" pans, which was a mistake, BIG mistake).

    So, today, I opened up the 11" pan and placed some summer sausage in it to heat up and give it a little "browning". Just to cover the bases, I brought out my laser thermometer gun, (a tool commonly used by home or building inspectors to measure various things like air-conditioning cooling, stove elements, water heater temperatures, etc), and I pointed it at the stove element. It registered 318 Degrees Fahrenheit. So I browned the sausage and turned the pan sideways over the plate, and the food was stuck to the pan. I used a plastic spatula, even though the advertisement says that metal utensils are OK, but I just wanted to be safe. The sausage came away from the pan, but some of it was still stuck to the pan, I mean REALLY stuck. I took a Teflon-safe scouring pad, scrubbed the surface, and was able to get it down to a moderate brown stain, but the stain was permanent. I figured that the stain shouldn't matter, right? Not! I then tried cooking eggs in the pan, but the eggs stuck to the pan, especially on the part where the brown stain was.

    Dear readers, food is actually less likely to stick to a non-coated stainless-steel pan with a little Pam sprayed on it, other than the Gotham Steel pan. Do NOT waste your money or time on this product! Immediately after the egg experiment, I packed up the pans, put them in a box, and called (888) 326-0978 phone number to request a refund. Now, I'm out about $20.00 for the return shipment, which is about the same as it would cost to get a nice pan at Walmart.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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