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    • Apr 1, 2019
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    Thrive Experience

    You build up a tolerance

    Overall Experience:

    I am thrilled to be able to write a review for this product in a neutral forum. The short version of my review is: It works - at first. Then, it doesn't.

    I did lose weight at first, but I was also consciously watching my intake and carbs. It did help me to stop drinking soda, so that's a huge win. It helped me wake up earlier and easier in the morning - another win. But I never had the "aha" moment many say they have. Those "wins" that I had at first - 3 to 4 weeks in I noticed them going away. The no soda stayed, but the rest was gone. Weight came back, I started feeling tired again during the day, sleeping late again on weekends and having a harder time getting up during the week.

    My promoter was of no help and eventually stopped asking how I was because SHE KNEW there was nothing that was going to get me on board. And by "on board," meaning to promote it. Because I challenge anyone to come forward saying that they are using this product long term, willingly paying out of their own pocket for it and say that it still works for them. Every single person I have come across that says they use it long term is a promoter. These promoters sign up in the first few days (which just really shocks me) of using Thrive because of how great they feel those first few days and they immediately sign up to sell it to get it for free, because it's EXPENSIVE. I really believe it stops working for them as well at some point, because a tolerance is built up, but by that point, they are already signed up to sell it, and they try very hard to find someone new to start using it and the cycle repeats itself. I just don't believe for one second these 80k, 200k promoters are still feeling the effects of Thrive. No way. By that point, they're in it for the trips, cars, etc.

    The way my promoter was toward me at the end - I know she knew I was right and there was nothing she could say or nothing she could do to help me, so she dropped me. I was even in a Facebook group of hers - because that's what they do, they put you in a Facebook group of other "newbies" to supposedly answer questions and to "encourage" you, but as soon as you ask a critical question or not post that Thrive is awesome, your post gets deleted. Because they don't want you to talk about how it may not be the greatest thing ever.

    Anyway, my takeaway is that yes, at first, it's great. But a tolerance is certainly built up and then it's useless. It's a lot of money. And before any promoter comes in to question me - I drank literally a gallon of water a day. I took the product exactly as directed, every single day. I used it for 9 weeks because everything said it was an 8-week experience "for a reason." Admittedly, I do miss the 3 steps in the morning because it became a habit. I feel like I did it all right - spent literally hundreds of dollars, even bought the "plus" line products to supposedly bump up the effectiveness of the 3 steps - nothing. Again, happy to be able to say how my experience really was.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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