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    • Apr 15, 2019
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    Multi-Action Sculpting Cream by City Beauty

    Results speak for themselves.

    Overall Experience:

    I deliberated for a while before purchasing this product as I'd already spent a small fortune in an attempt to do something about my scrawny looking neck. I'm not very well off, but my turkey neck was making me feel old and self-conscious.

    Over the years I've often been told how much younger I look than my true age, which for any woman is a boost to one's self-esteem, but suddenly, despite my still youthful looking face, my neck became an embarrassing give away and I had almost reached the point of resigning myself to the fact that I would have to accept this horrid sign of aging as inevitable.

    So, this order was literally a last-ditch attempt and I wasn't feeling confident at all that it would work. On top of the expense of my order, I had to pay for shipping, and like previous orders for items from US, I was expecting it to take an age to arrive. I was psyching myself up for a disappointment when I received a card from my postman informing me that my order was retained at my local post office because there was a fee to pay to Customs before I could collect.

    On the one hand, I was pleased with the relatively quick handling of my order and it's arrival, on the other, the extra unanticipated cost was a shock. I was berating myself for what I deemed to be, my pathetic gullibility.

    The first time I used the cream, I thought I saw a slight improvement, but I wasn't ready to trust my own perception so early. Continued use over only a week, however, has been just short of miraculous. I use the cream on my face and neck twice daily. I really wish I'd felt confident enough to take a selfie at the start for comparison. My neck had looked like a 70-year-old's attached to the head of someone in their 50s.

    I'm actually 63 but now back to looking 10 years younger. I'm now so pleased that I bought this sculpting cream and while I'm tempted to keep it as my own personal little secret, I also know that I'll be sharing details about it freely with every self-conscious crepey-necked woman I know who's feeling as desperate as I was and looking for a similar miracle when they ask me how I manage to keep looking so young. Thank you!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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