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    • May 3, 2019
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    South Beach Diet

    The food is horrifying, the customer service is horrifying, stay away from this company

    Overall Experience:

    I did the South Beach Diet plan when it first came out a couple of decades ago. It was TERRIFIC. I saw this new food program by South Beach and while I was skeptical of frozen food, I thought I would try it because I've been so busy, not cooking was a welcomed idea for a while.

    What a mistake!


    I am horrified by the items they call "food". I wrote a lengthy and thoughtful email three days into the South Beach Diet because of how disappointing and actually disgusting the three dinner meals I had were. And, the portion size is definitely not for an adult, even if you are losing weight. This is starvation. I explained that while I understand packaging images are often somewhat different than the actual product, the images in no way remotely represented what was provided. I took pictures of the box and placed the food item in the same picture. I took and sent it to South Beach. No one would be able to disagree with my assessment.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE (if that's what they call it):

    I also stated that I called "Customer Service" to cancel my next order and was informed that I would be charged $125 if I did so. I was again, appalled. The sales guy "Joe", told me it would be better if I ordered the $159 plan just so I didn't get penalized. I knew I wasn't going to get further with Joe, so I had him make the adjustment.

    In the meantime, I then receive an email back thanking me for the email I sent and if I had any other issues, I should call. WHAT? After describing my displeasure, that's the reply? After showing them the quality of food they sent, THIS is how they treat people? NOW, I was pissed off.

    This morning, I call and get "Anna". I tell Anna that I don't want to waste her time, and would like to speak with a manager or supervisor.

    Anna: Can you tell me why?

    Me: I briefly explained about my email, the response and that this is not acceptable and I'd like to speak with someone who is a supervisor.

    Anna: Let me see if a supervisor wants to take your call. (I AM NOT KIDDING.)

    I am put on hold. Anna returns.

    Anna: We looked at your email and it appears there is no content in the email.

    Me: What? If that's the case, you're telling me that customer service just sends out blanket statements without even reading the email. I would like to cancel my account and the next order.

    Anna: The supervisor said I could cancel your order, so, my next order was canceled.

    This is absolutely the worst experience I have had with a company in a very, very long time. The food quality is horrifying, the quantity is not meant for an adult female. Portion size is ridiculous. There is one package that apparently has a hamburger and it is less than the size of the palm of your hand. That is stunning.

    Poor quality.

    Poor customer service

    Grade: F

    There are plenty of options. Don't go this route.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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