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    • May 7, 2019
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    Our greatest personal asset is our health

    Overall Experience:

    Like many products we all may encounter on the internet, I evaluated Telogenesis with a small amount of skepticism.

    Personally, however, in regards to my health, I consider myself an optimistic individual. Before I render my verdict on this product I will briefly give a small summary of my situation.

    I am a 55-year-old male, former servicemen, SFC (Sergeant First Class) United States Army 15 years of service at the time of my injuries, sustained in 2007 during OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom). My estimated recovery time was 5 years with many types of therapy. I retain all of my bodily appendages intact, however, I have been beset with moderate to severe pain and insomnia, over the course of the last 6 years. I have managed to maintain a regular exercise regiment notwithstanding many challenges. I have tried many consumer products with claims of pain reduction or boasting the benefits of more energy and restful sleep all to no avail.

    After viewing the online video of Telogenesis the characteristics of the product did not exactly meet the schematic of what I was searching for, however, the product seemed to be unique. At the risk of being redundant, in regards to my health I retain optimism, So I placed an order for a 90-day supply.

    I have been consuming this product for 30 days and I have only one regret, well make that two. The first, in retrospect I should have ordered a 6-month supply, secondly, I regret not completing an overall self-evaluation of my physical and psychological health before I began consuming Telogenesis.

    During my service to this country in every regard, my honor and integrity have always remained steadfast, I make every attempt to maintain those attributes when interacting with the citizens of my country still. So the following information is true and accurate, as far as this product is concerned with the impact it has had upon me personally.

    In the first 7 days, I really did not notice anything, but on the 10th day, I realized there was a lack of that lethargic or sluggish feeling I always felt throughout the day, on the 10th day I realized there was a slight increase in energy during my exercise routine that morning.

    After two weeks of consumption, one morning I overslept, not a big deal right...it was monumental to me! Since 2007 the most sleep gained in one night was 5 hours not uninterrupted by bouts of waking, I had no need for an alarm. It was a life-changing event for me, I have continued to sleep without waking not less than 7 hours each night since, I still cannot believe it! (I now need an alarm.) If that's not enough in the last week or more I have begun to crave more healthy foods, fruits, vegetables as well as fish like tuna and salmon, my nutritional intake has always been an issue, I have lost 5 lbs in the last 30 days.

    All this sounds too good to be true right?

    Well, that's how I feel, I continue to ask myself when will I stop feeling like a new person? There is no product that can have such a multitude of benefits in such a limited amount of time, that train of thought continues to linger with me.

    On a final note, I would advise anyone to complete a pre-self analyzation both physical as well as your mental state to be evaluated before the consumption of Telogenesis to note any benefits gained. I can only hope that any individual who decides to try this product has the same success that I have experienced.

    I will be forever grateful, and a loyal supporter of LCR Heath as long as their product offers me these continued benefits.

    Sincerely: Thomas L. Burns

    SFC U.S. Army

    (Medically Retired)

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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