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    • May 8, 2019
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    Luminess Air

    WARNING, don't risk it!

    If you do try this, get a disposable prepaid debit card because if they get your real bank card or credit card information they will charge you as many times they can and you will not get it back. I've begged them to stop and to find the worker who clearly stole everything I sent back because that person scanned in 1 makeup item and not the other 10 items so now they won't stop charging me. This company is literally setting people up to get ripped off knowingly or they have a thief stealing returns. Don't trust it, I'm dead serious.

    I got the system and the man said they do not charge you for 2 weeks but your 2 weeks don't start until you find a match. Well, that's a serious lie. Also, they have scandalous workers. I returned the system with absolutely everything they sent me, and they still won't stop taking money and have taken over $400 and had it back February 21st, 2019. Every time I called they said they can't prove they got it back without a tracking number but never told me to get one, but every time I call they claimed they never got it. Then a manager told me she found it in the system on April 1st and said she would check to make sure everything was there and call me back and never did, so I've called like 20 times since and now everyone saying it's not there. But the last manager slipped up and said on February 29th 1 bottle of makeup was scanned in and I told her all 11 bottles and the system and everything was all in the same box, and I sent them a pic and video to prove it but they claim that's all they got - 1 bottle of makeup. So whatever workers get the return they had to have stolen everything else. And I told the manager that someone better review their camera feed because I sent everything back, but yet everyone kept saying nothing came back at all. Then one manager found it, then it was magically not found again, then another manager says we got 1 makeup scanned in on February 28th and she was supposed to look into it and call back and never did. So I emailed everything I had proving everything was in that same package, that they better check the camera feed because someone stole the rest and I'm not going to sit back and be ripped off and robbed.

    For two months I called every day to talk to a manager after the first manager said she found my package in the system on April 1st and every time I called for a manager after that day every day all managers were in meetings all day. Then I emailed and told them I'm about to file theft charges and sue for damages and our stress, and heck, I've been put through over them stealing the only money I had for my kids.

    This system does not do what they advertise either, if you have deep smile lines it won't fill it in or cover. And if you have deep creases around your nose it won't cover or fill in and makes you look old. Also, it's like wearing chalk, and if you mess up you have to wash it all off and start over. It's junk and that's god's honest truth.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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