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    • May 10, 2019
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    Overall Experience:

    This company is poorly run and has horrible customer service! You'll notice the good reviews are from people who have been with them long enough to experience results from the treatment they purchased. These results would be the same no matter who you purchased them from. My complaint is that after three months in they sent me a letter explaining that for reasons beyond their control their supply has run out. However, they were in the process of getting a new supplier and they would still provide a one month supply to tide me over until they could ship the three month supply I already paid for.

    My one month supply never came and I contacted them to complain that for a treatment that requires consistency, this is not acceptable. To make it right, they allowed me to purchase Minoxidil on my own and they would apply the cost as a credit to my account. However, they accidentally canceled my Finasteride and one month later they again sent me an email explaining they still won't have Minoxidil and that now I'd have to wait till June!

    Enough was enough so I canceled my subscription. To my surprise, they not only would not send me my reimbursement but almost three weeks later they sent me a three month supply of Minoxidil. I had already canceled my account, due to the fact that they said they would not have enough supply until June, and they sent me a three month supply of minoxidil anyway. When I contacted them about this they told me it was because I already paid for it! I explained that not only did I cancel my account before it shipped but they expressly told me they would not have enough supply anyway. My purchase should have been refunded since they did not deliver on our agreement. They refused to refund my purchase and my reimbursement. They only offered to add the credit to my account.

    So, in summary, they expected me to have a two-month break in treatment and the only thing they offered in return was a credit. Why in the world would I want credit with a company that can't deliver on their promises and in spite of their miss calculations expect me to continue to support them? Stay away from this company. I believe the circumstances beyond their control are an inability to run a business. They sure as heck don't know what customer service is. I gave them two chances to make things right and they decided to stick it to me. Now, I'm happily paying $5 more a month to a competitor who so far has made good on their promises.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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