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    • Jun 24, 2019
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    ActivatedYou Morning Complete

    Give it a try and decide for yourself!

    Overall Experience:

    I read the reviews but I wanted to try it anyway because everything she talks about is exactly what I have been doing my own research on and have been dealing with. I have been searching for a product that includes everything Morning Complete has to offer and did not find anything I was happy with. The taste is not as bad as the reviews make it seems! Actually it’s not bad at all! I’ve had way worse, but you can always add some juice if you need to, which is how I started my first day, but I take it with just water after that because it’s not bad at all!

    I love that it gives me energy without any glitters and it keeps me full for the most part! I’m on my 3rd day and have not had stomach issues, if anything, it has helped A LOT! For those who are having issues, you might want to consider your diet. Just adding this product and eating like crap is not going to help, especially if you have any food sensitivities. I have been diagnosed with pcos, I’m pre-diabetic type 2, insulin resistant, gluten sensitive and was diagnosed with fibro. The best way to heal your body is through diet (eating healthy foods) and supplementing with anything you might be deficient in. It has taken years for your body to get this bad, it will take time of doing all the right things for it to get better! I’ve been in my journey for over 7 years and have learned a lot over that time, don’t give up on yourself! I am very hopeful for this product! I will update after my first month. So far, so good!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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