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    • Jul 1, 2019
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    Red Dress Boutique

    Bummer, I really loved your boutique.

    Overall Experience:

    RDB has held a special place in my heart for many many many years, maybe like 7 years?! The clothes are some of the cutest stuff I've ever seen, they style their models so well that you buy the whole outfit, and the prices are fair which is nice.

    One thing is truly valued on the site was the exact measurements on the sizing chart. It allowed me to confidently shop for my size without buying something that won't fit and being disappointed...and wasting money since they charge you for return shipping...who doesn't like keeping an extra $7 bucks in their pocket. I wear a Large so the measurement guides are important for my 41-inch bust. However, within the last few months, they changed to a "generic" sizing chart which I find the be completely dumb and not inclusive.

    RDB for a fact sells clothes with a bust bigger than 38 because I own so many shirts and tops but according to their size guide they don't...what? They even hilariously have an XL guide on there and they don't even sell XL/Plus close anymore (they did once though, what happened?).

    When I asked on Instagram about the size chart, the boutique stated that many girls didn't like the specific sizing chart and asked for a generic chart, which I think is a lie. How could people not appreciate exact sizing and knowing if the garment will fit you or not?! Size small girls need to know if it will be too baggy, size Medium girls like to know if they should size down, up, or buy the Medium, girls who are 5'7+ would like to know the exact length...not an average, not an accurate number. So for the boutique to outright say that they changed because of the customers doesn't seem genuine to me. I can't find any of those reviews, feedbacks, or any kind of email sent out to RDB customers (since they have buyers email address) asking how we feel. If they exist, please share to back your comments up.

    They also stated that they will have a chat on their page so I can ask questions there. So guess what, I did? I wanted to know sizing on about 6+ dresses and tops and I sent them every top, asked for length and bust for a Large. They saw my message because it told me O****a was online and checked it. I never got any kind response about my inquiry nor did I get an email about it since they make you add it to chat. I was very disappointed that I didn't get the service they said they would deliver.

    I have told many people about this ridiculous change and the boutique's response to it. Not impressed and it truly breaks my heart. I feel like the boutique is being lazy for not adding individual information for each garment. They're going to focus on "descriptive" fit guide, which most are just copy and paste. Maybe add the bust/waist/length info in there too, boo.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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