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    • Jul 12, 2019
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    Hims Hair Loss Treatment

    Slickly produced pick-pockets: "Membership fees" cost me $120 without warning over 8 months.

    Overall Experience:

    So, you're looking to get some hair-loss, ED, or anxiety medication online. Cool. Take care of yourself.

    So you sign up with Hims - they have good articles written about them, their website is super slick, you get a prescription, they deliver genuine product. Over three months you get three months worth of your prescription of medication. You're happy, but you don't need any more medication. So you let your prescription lapse. If you need more, you figure, you'll renew it and continue the monthly refills at $35 a month. Fair.

    Then, 8 months later, long after you've gotten your last batch of medication and Hims is just a distant memory you finally notice a monthly charge of $15 on your credit card statement from "HIMS & HERS HEALTH FORHIMS.COM CA". Strange. You quickly search Mint and realize that you've been charged $15 eight times, totaling $120, for each month you haven't used their services.

    Did you miss some email notifications? Were you asleep at the wheel when you could've put a stop to this back in November 2018, the first month it happened? You search through all your emails, because you use Gmail, you never delete your emails, so you expect receipts, right?

    Well. Not for these charges. You search and all you find are 17 promotional emails from them between November 2018 and June 2019. You email customer service looking to get your money back. Customer service explains that "this membership fee was previously bundled and included in the price of the products you were receiving each month". You look at you email receipts and on your website profile - no such "bundle" is indicated. If it said "$20 - medication, $15 - membership fee", fair. But no, it's just $35 for the medication.

    When you weren't getting medication, they still charged you $15. For the privilege of sending a single email to a doctor who'd rubber-stamp your prescription renewal for the next three months.

    Imagine if Amazon Prime was free if you buy something every month - but as soon as you don't, you're charged $15. Not participating is when they pick your pocket. Hims is a company that punishes you for not ordering.

    $15 a month for a membership that took you mere minutes of effort to join.

    The "best they can do" is refund 3 months. Hims, a company with a potential valuation of over $1 billion, apparently can only afford to refund $45, and pocket the remaining $75 of your money.

    Use some other service and pay attention to their business model. Cancel accounts and memberships when no longer needed, restart them quickly when you need to start again.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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