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    • Aug 8, 2019
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    It really works!

    Overall Experience:

    I have been using Keeps for about 15 months after one month of using For Hims, their closest competitor. Obviously, I chose to stick with Keeps and that was for mostly a financial reason as I am on a budget. Both services provided quality medication, great customer service, and present their product in a professional and appealing manner when it arrives in the mail, but their business models were a little different which gave Keeps the clear edge. Keeps sends me three months of medication every quarter for $105 plus a $3 shipping cost. My total quarterly cost with Keeps is $108. For Hims charged me $35 a month (so still ends up being $105 a quarter like Keeps) but also $5 shipping for each box. That made my price per quarter $120. That's a difference of $48 a year for the same medication.

    About Keeps itself, the product is exactly as described, the customer service is very prompt with answering questions and it is very easy to get advice from one of the doctors. It is worth noting that every year, you must pay a small fee around $5 for an annual appointment with a physician (the actual price was higher, but it was discounted for me possibly because it was my first one). It is a very strange fee that really should just be included in the cost of the service since its purpose seems like it fulfills a legal requirement to renew the prescription.

    Every morning and night I apply a 1ml dose of Minoxidil, generic Rogaine, to my scalp. Every morning, I also take my pill which is 1mg of Finasteride (generic Propecia). I wasn't happy about taking medication every day for the rest of my life, but I cannot argue with the results. I got tired of seeing photos of myself in weddings, at parties, or at the zoo with my daughter looking like I was completely bald because of the way the light was hitting my scalp. When I looked in the mirror, I appeared to have hair, but the mounting evidence to the contrary could not be denied.

    After 16 months of treatment, 15 of which with Keeps, I have so much more hair and once again get haircuts regularly again. My wife, who I started dating nine years ago, says I have more hair now than I did even back then. I highly recommend Keeps and sing its praises to all who will listen because Keeps has saved me from my family curse of baldness. I am the only male in my family that is not bald and that includes my younger brother. The best time to use this treatment is when you notice your hair thinning BEFORE you are bald. Consistency is key as your progress will be slowly undone once you stop taking the medication.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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