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    • Sep 2, 2019
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    Organifi Green Juice


    Overall Experience:

    I order Organifi, I have it in my house right now. I have never had a problem with the company. You are not suckered to have the product auto-shipped. You have an option to order the products one time from the website and you can certainly order the products one time on Amazon. The warning on the product about cancer is a common warning - it is on a US government website. The cancer-causing agent in the green juice is found in all greens you eat anywhere grown in the whole world. Most vegetables have this mineral that causes this potential cancer risk, but what can hurt you is if the mineral content is very very high. In order to avoid this cancer risk would be not to eat any vegetables at all that is grown out of the ground. You cannot avoid this risk, if you want to eat veggies. I have read the US government website.

    I have only had a problem with the green juice mixing well with the water, but all the green juices that I have bought have had the same issue on not perfectly mixing - the cost of the green juice is comparable to what I have paid for the similar products at Vitamin World. Sometimes Vitamin World does a really good sale and you can get juiced greens or superfoods cheaper than organifi. Trust me when I say juiced green mix works better in a smoothie than using frozen kale - it is smoother than chewy. Organifi's products taste awesome. For years I have had different organic juiced greens and fresh green smoothies. If you like mint, you will like Organifi juiced greens. After trying Organifi, I have never gone back to anything else - the price is worth it. With Organifi, I do not have loose stools and too many trips to the bathroom to poop and it does not tear up my stomach or digestive tract with pain or gas- and the taste is better than anything else I have tried. Other juiced greens and superfoods have done this to me every time that I have used them. I love it and recommend this product to others.

    If you have an overbearing salesperson, tell them to stop or ask for someone else. To me the price is worth it. It is just a supplement and it will not make you a perfect body and full of energy if you do not exercise, lack of exercise will make you tired. You can drink tons of coffee, and eat perfect and still be tired if you do not exercise and get plenty of sleep. There is no magic pill or stimulate that will make you lose weight or have energy if you do not take care of your body overall. It takes a combination of everything to have energy when you use a supplement and you have to make sure nothing is wrong with your body also that could be causing you to be tired.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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