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    • Sep 22, 2019
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    Crepe Erase


    Overall Experience:

    Wow! This entire process has been daunting. This company reminds me of one of those old-time used cars salesmanship or those people who go door to door with "church" pamphlets. Ridiculous! I fell into the wonder of trying the products and got the initial package. The products were fine but nothing major. They did moisturize, and my skin seemed so soft, but that was mostly because I was being very diligent about using it. My consistency was the key. There have been no breakthroughs and my skin looks the same as it did prior to starting.

    I was concerned that too much product would be sent too often so that they could charge $59+. I called midway thru and asked for a postponement. That went ok, other than many questions asked.

    Today I called to cancel, using the number provided in this excellent article above. The recording could not "read" my number. It is the same number that I always use. Finally, after having to use 4 different sources of identification, I got through to somebody. I told him I would like to cancel. He asked if I liked the products. I asked again to have help terminating my account. He said that would mean "all of my benefits as a member." I had no idea any existed.

    His tone changed as I persisted. Finally, I spoke over him and told him directly to close my account. What a difference in attitude. It was as if I was taking all his money. He said something snarky but I asked him to verify that I have only been charged once (remembering what other reviewers have mentioned) and there had been only one. He quickly TOLD me if there is anything else. He made it clear he was finished with me. So I thanked Oliver and ended the conversation.

    Never will I fall for these things again.

    Microneedling and deep peels show way better results and end up cheaper eventually.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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