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    • Oct 3, 2019
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    Worked for my attention-seeking barker

    Overall Experience:

    I have an 8-month-old corgi puppy who was barking all the time. If I was in the other room, if we put her in her enclosure (baby gate in the kitchen), if she heard anyone outside, for attention, if she was on the balcony, so on and so forth. I live in an apartment so I was concerned about my neighbors complaining. I tried a static shock bark collar first, which didn't really work. Either she was just barking through the shock, or her barking wasn't setting it off. I got an email ad for PetGentle and I thought I'd try it because a) it's much cheaper than another bark collar, and b) I liked that it was just a sound I control.

    Now when she barks, I give her a warning "Mia, quiet" in a low tone, and if she keeps going, I use the sound. She always stops immediately when I use the PetGentle, and I call her over for a treat or petting and praise. I've only had to actually use it maybe 8 times in the past two weeks. After the first two times, she figured it out and now usually stops with the verbal warning.

    I'd suggest this to people who have dogs like mine who bark a lot when they're home. If your dog barks mostly when they're home alone, an automatic bark collar is probably still your best bet. Overall, I think it's a very effective training tool, and pretty inexpensive.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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