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    • Oct 14, 2019
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    Dr. Ho's Decompression Belt

    Not what they promised on TV!

    Overall Experience:

    I saw an infomercial on TV so I called the number. I was called back by somebody who said was a doctor and was going to ask me some questions if I qualify. I qualified and received the back belt and knee brace. After a couple of months, Medicare sends me a summary of the bill. For the back belt they sell on Dr. HO'S website for $179.00 CERTIFIED MEDICAL SUPPLY INC charged Medicare $1500. And for the knee brace $1190!

    Highway robbery! I called them to return the items but they said I only can return within 30 days.

    Knee brace is too bulky and does not fit at all and the belt does totally nothing for my back! OVERRATED AND OVERPRICED, PRETTY MUCH A SCAM!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Oct 15, 2019

      Company Response from DR-HO'S

      Hi Anna, and thank you for your message.

      DR-HO'S is a Canadian company. We manufacture and supply the DR-HO'S 2-in-1 Back Relief Belt. Customers can choose to purchase it themselves, or for those who have insurance coverage, may go through a Medical Equipment Supplier. These suppliers are third-party companies that purchase the DR-HO'S belt, then sell them to you by billing the cost to your insurance. DR-HO'S is not authorized to bill Medicare, nor any other insurance plans. That means the amount billed to your Medicare plan was not done by DR-HO'S.

      You have also mentioned that the original shipper is named "Certified Medical Supply", which should be a US Durable Medical Equipment Supplier. As such, they would also be the ones that submitted the bill to Medicare, and subsequently to you for the remaining amount. I'm unsure why the amount billed would be $1500, but that was very likely submitted by Certified Med Supply, and not dictated by DR-HO'S. We do not carry a knee brace, so that is not our product. It seems likely that they sent you a brace from another company.

      I hope this explanation has given you clarity on the process, and why DR-HO'S was not involved in any of the billing, and therefore, cannot assist with the return. The best course of action now is to contact Medicare to inquire how much Certified Med Supply had billed your policy, whether or not they were paid by Medicare, and if they were paid, what options you have to get that payment reversed back to your policy.

      As for the fit of the back brace, we encourage you to contact our Customer Care team at 1-877-374-6669 and they can troubleshoot proper fit to help with your back. It's important to have a snug fit for the belt to be able to help with decompression.

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