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    • Oct 30, 2019
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    Myro Deodorant

    Sweaty smelly armpits...and a rash!

    Overall Experience:

    I picked up the Big Dipper scent from Target as I was interested in giving this product a try after seeing it in the store previously. The scent is good - I knew I liked Lavender scented things so I figured it’d be a safe bet, and I do love how it smells when you bring it to your nose and sniff. However, that is the only instance where I can enjoy this scent, because it is quickly masked by body odor when I use this product. It doesn’t remain on your body or waft up like some other deodorants I’ve used in the past, and I can literally smell my own BO within an hour. I tried stashing it in my purse to bring to work and reapply - but what an inconvenience that is, and it doesn’t seem to help the issue at all. Not to mention; the texture of this deodorant when applied to the underarms is completely gel-like and wet - only making things feel more moist and slimy. I literally feel like I need to hold my arms and shirt away from my body to let it air dry a bit after applying this. I don’t expect it to keep me from sweating, sweating is natural and this isn’t an antiperspirant - but I do expect a $10 deodorant to at LEAST do a decent job of masking the odor and help to keep a dry feeling - this simply does a horrible job at either.

    And lastly, what really pushed me to discontinue use of this product, and give up hope that it will work for me, is that it has started to cause peeling and red irritation on both of my underarms! I am absolutely appalled. This brand should be really ashamed that they would put out a product that causes harm to people as I see echoed in some of the other reviews here. I do not typically have sensitive skin. I am all about natural products and those that minimize our waste production - but I will not put up with a product that causes irritation to our bodies. That is simply not ok. It’s a strong no from me, and I will caution others from even entertaining the idea of trying this product. You’re better off without any deodorant at all!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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