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    • Nov 1, 2019
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    Kokoon Headphones

    Fantastic product, service, and potential

    Overall Experience:

    TL; DR:

    The headphones are comfortable, innovative, and sound amazing. The support team is responsive, empowered, and helpful.

    Their plans for features and firmware updates are exciting and interesting.

    First of all, I was attracted to the Kokoon Headphones during their Kickstarter phase for two main reasons: 1) I have difficulty falling asleep 2) I've always heard that Bluetooth headphones are terrible sounding. I saw an opportunity to address the sleep issue and see what a pair of headphones built from the ground-up for Bluetooth could do.

    A side reason, and a reason for every project I back on Kickstarter, is to help make a product/company successful. After a product catches my eye and I back it, this reason becomes my focus; delays, refinements, alterations...they all come with the territory for me. Yes, Kokoon took longer than expected to arrive, and I'm glad because the final product is better than I expected.

    The sound is amazing, which crushed my #2 reason above. Within the first week I had them I listened to two albums; one I'd listened to many times and one I'd been waiting for until I had high-quality hardware to experience it through. I heard nuances I'd never picked up before from the former, and the latter was amazing.

    The most recent version of the app/firmware makes using them while falling asleep easy and effective. Through sleep tracking in the EEG sensors, the app has determined the effectiveness of various audio tracks on helping me, personally, get to sleep. I toss and turn a lot regardless of environment, but the headphones are designed to be able to stay on the head and provide airflow as well as comfort. Checkmark on reason #1.

    The other pieces of the overall product I like to consider is customer service and future plans. For Kokoon, the customer service is TOP NOTCH. They're friendly, helpful, and empowered. I, unfortunately, did get one of the units with the sub-standard arm parts, and when I reached out to them with my situation, I had a shipping label within 24 hours. Manufacturer defects happen but Kokoon made sure they had a solution in place to address them.

    Some of the future ideas I'm excited about are REM-detected alarms, music suggestions based on EEG response, and new products in general from Kokoon.

    I have no reservations about a 5-star review, nor for recommending this product to friends.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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