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    • Nov 22, 2019
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    This company is knowingly selling fake bags from a company that sells thousands of bags on their site!

    Overall Experience:

    This company is a farce. I believe the owner began the company with the greatest of intentions. Now, they are knowingly selling fake bags from China. Stay away from Luxtradesy and Coco-luxury sellers. These sellers are from a larger umbrella company in China. The Gucci gg supreme mini bag with cherries has been unavailable for over a year. Suddenly, these two companies have plenty! They lured me into buying and didn't answer when I asked where it would ship from. Once I paid for it, they IMMEDIATELY me a DHL tracking number! Straight from China! When I told them that I'd take it straight to Gucci, the seller sent me a response that was COPIED AND PASTED! How do I know? Because when describing how to authenticate my bag, she forgot to change the name of the designer from Chanel to Gucci! She never assured me that it was authentic. Rather, she stated, "please don't be so frustrated and calm down, so we can work this out with you." WHO SAYS THAT?! A CON ARTIST! And I have the messages to prove it.

    The worse part about this is that when it came, I immediately said I wanted to return it and mailed it right away to Tradesy, as instructed. I called Tradesy customer service and they said that this seller was a "verified seller" and that they would examine the bag for authenticity. I already knew that they were going to say it was fine. The fake bag looked BRAND SPANKING NEW - and yet - it came in a tiny cardboard box with no dustbag, etc. If it was THAT new, a seller would mostly likely still have all of the authenticity cards, dustbag, and box. It was a DARN good copy! This was straight from a factory in China. And TRADESY COULD CARE LESS! Here's the kicker: Tradesy said they verified its authenticity, but would "offer me a one-time credit on their site as a COURTESY"!

    I hit the roof and told them they better give me back my money and stop knowingly selling FAKE bags by the thousands. Don't fall for it! I have sold 100% AUTHENTIC designer bag on this site, and expected the same from ALL sellers. I made such a stink that they gave me my money back.

    Bottom line: Tradesy DOES NOT CARE. They only care about making money, which they are making by selling FAKE BAGS...and I have the message to prove it! GOOD LUCK! I am never buying or selling another bag on Tradesy ever again!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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