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    • Dec 10, 2019
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    Myro Deodorant

    Rashes, leaks, and slimy

    Overall Experience:

    I would have left a review on Myro's site, but unfortunately I purchased from a third party and it doesn't seem like you can leave a review unless it's a direct purchase.

    I genuinely wanted to like Myro. I have the Chillwave scent and it smells great, covers odor reasonably well (though if you work up even a mild sweat you will have to reapply), and I like that it reduces plastic.

    Unfortunately, I have had a similarly negative experience to many others here.

    1) It's really wet.

    My first impression was that it was just really...wet. It feels slimy going on, and takes a while to dry. I basically only do a single, super gentle swipe otherwise it feels really disgusting and drippy.

    2) The container/formula is messy.

    Coupled with the wetness mentioned above, it just seems like the formula is not shelf-stable. When I apply, the formula gets pushed around and off the edge of the applicator, and then not long after getting it I realized that it was dripping out of the twist mechanism on the bottom that pushes more product up. It is winter in New York right now, so I know it's not just melting from heat, and I cannot travel with Myro unless I put it in a plastic baggie. I've gotten greasy-looking patches on my clothes and bags when traveling with it. I literally keep it on a coaster otherwise there's a ring of oily residue left wherever I put it down.

    3) Causes a rash.

    The worst experience, though, was the rash. The first week or so I used it, it was fine. But I went out of town, and due to the leakage and messiness of the container, I just brought the conventional deodorant I use when I work out, which was also fine. About a week after returning and switching back to Myro, however, my pits developed a burning itch. It was irritating enough that I had to go to a bathroom and wipe the deodorant off with a wet napkin to reduce the discomfort as much as possible. I stopped using deodorant at all for a few days, and cautiously tried it again, to which there was no reaction.

    I'm cautiously using it again, because I hate wasting product. I'm really nervous about the rash developing again in case it was related to me switching to the conventional deodorant which I still use if I'm working out, as Myro doesn't do the job well enough when you're sweating hard.

    Pretty disappointed all in all. My priority is not the "all-natural" pitch, but the plastic reduction, so I've already placed an order for a different brand to try out.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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