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    • Dec 10, 2019
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    Smart Nora

    Great product that works!

    Overall Experience:

    First, I'm reusing a review I posted on another site rather than type it again. So, if you have been looking around and think this review is familiar, it probably is! LOL.

    Here goes...

    I purchased Smart Nora almost 2 years ago now (and love it!). Here is my take on it.

    First, let me say that I tried every snoring solution out there. I tried a CPAP machine for a month (I couldn't get used to a large hose attached to my face). I had the mouth guard. I tried the chin strap. I even went for surgery to remove my uvula and some of the surrounding tissue (which worked wonderfully for about a year - then the snoring came back). Finally I decided to try the Smart Nora.

    1. It took me just over 2 weeks to get used to it. Originally I had it so it inflated the full amount. This really bothered me and woke me up lots so I set it to minimally inflate. Also, I am a very light sleeper so initially, I woke up every time it inflated. I will say that the inflation is super quiet. Yes, there is a noise, but it is extremely quiet.

    2. When my wife has a cold she snores also. This did trigger my Smart Nora and it would inflate. However, since I am used to it, it doesn't wake me up. Also, Smart Nora support was fantastic. They suggested instead of above my bed on the wall, I place it beside me on the nightstand and turn down the sensitivity so it wouldn't be able to hear her if she snores. Took a couple of nights to get the setting right but now it is perfect. Unless she snores super loud (think airplane engine...LOL), she doesn't trigger it (and even if she does, it no longer wakes me up).

    3. Before I reduced the sensitivity it would trigger from a car honking (as we keep the window open). Now it very rarely is triggered except by my snoring (at least, I think so since I'm sleeping through it).

    Also, I love the bedtime mode. You turn it on, then press and hold the puck/sensor thing for a few seconds. This gives it a delay. It will kick in and start working automatically in 30 minutes. This allows me to toss and turn a bit while I fall asleep.

    For my wife and I, we are both thankful for Smart Nora. I'm sleeping better and so is she.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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