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    • Apr 12, 2016
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    Effy Jewelry

    AMAZING QUALITY! Something for everyone.

    Overall Experience:

    Please be careful when reading this review. A lot of inaccuracies.

    I am very concerned about anyone thinking this is legitimate, fact-checked review, as it has a lot of errors (grammatical and contextual - like misspelling the designers name), as well that its sources of personal blog posts (which, upon reading, have factual inaccuracies as well).

    To start, it saddens me to read such negative things about Effy, as I have many Effy pieces and am thrilled with the quality (like so many, many others).

    Let's just talk about this ruby business, as, again, the information here is not totally accurate:

    Lead-Glass filled rubies were a common practices across the industry, due to the scarcity of larger, less included rubies, post the ban on trading with Burma, for many years. Please note that lead-glass filled rubies are indeed rubies, they simply have been enhanced (like getting a filling in your tooth - it's still a tooth!). As a July birthday girl, I have quite a collection of rubies, some Effy and some from other retailers. Some of my Effy pieces are genuine rubies (albeit, they are smaller stones), other Effy pieces are lead-glass filled, as I wanted larger "look-at-me" pieces. EVERY TIME I have purchased an Effy ruby, I have been informed whether it was LGF or genuine. It's also right on the tag.

    Macy's received a class-action lawsuit because the sales associate failed to tell the customer that they were purchasing a LGF ruby. Again, it's written right on the tag. It's important to remember that these are hourly employees, and not jewelry professionals, so I'm not surprised this got missed.

    I agree with the reviewers "bottom line" that you should ask questions. At the end of the day, you're buying a piece of fine jewelry - be knowledgeable. BUT I would love to see the sources that are actually being referenced here when he says "Effy may be beautiful in the short term, the issue argued by experts is that consumers are being sold inferior products at an inflated price" - what experts? Do tell.

    Why that particularly irritates me is that I have had pieces for many years, as well as given some to my daughters. This jewelry is the perfect "middle of the market" line - it's high end, better quality, nicer weight, but not with a Cartier price tag.

    Lastly, just a heads up to Inna - the previous commenter - I'm sorry to hear you had a bag experience but you do have a limited lifetime warranty for every piece of Effy you buy. This covers manufacturer errors (like small stones falling out), at no cost to you. It lasts forever. I have used it when I lost a small pave stone in an older piece. I called Effy and they took care of it and I got it back in about two months. Also, depending on where you bought it from, you can bring it in and they will handle it for you. My piece was from Bon Ton, and they handled the whole thing.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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