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    • Dec 17, 2019
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    Blue Diamond Pan

    Do not waste your money, starts out amazing until coating wears off

    Overall Experience:

    I absolutely loved this pan for 4 months. Cleanup was easy, only a paper towel to wipe away excess and brand new. I tend to keep all pots oiled slightly but clean between uses. Used only silicon tools with it. My BF, ONE TIME, used metal tongues with hard nylon edges to turn over meat about 3 weeks ago and he is a very good cook so I know he wasn't just raking the pan and now the pan is useless. There are 100 tiny minuscule scratches now and everything sticks. It was NYLON edges - the metal wasn't even connecting.

    This morning I tried to make eggs, put organic coconut oil (too much) in the pan and gently cracked open eggs into it. Even the oldest pans it would not stick in that much oil. I couldn't even get the eggs up without breaking them. Threw it in the trash. Just worthless.

    It states you can use metal but that's a lie - you can't even use hard nylon. Nothing advertised is true.

    I noticed that even with the most gentle care that it was starting to not be as good after 4 months - so perhaps the coating had worn with consistent daily albeit gentle as a feather use, that even nylon ruined it.

    Don't waste your money. I'm really annoyed at how mad I am at this pan because at first, I was so happy with it.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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