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    • Jan 16, 2020
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    Peloton Bike

    Poor support community

    Overall Experience:

    My complaint is not about the purchase of the bike nor the instructors. I have been very happy with both. However, it's the company itself and their attitude towards public negative feedback that has me concerned. Their Facebook page was set up to support Peloton customers. It should be a support group but instead, it has become a toxic environment where members attack each other while the admins look the other way until a complaint is actually submitted. A very constructive and popular post of mine was recently removed by the admins without any indication or reason given to me. The post did NOT violate any guidelines and trust me, I read the guidelines many times.

    The post WAS very popular. In two hours' time it garnered over 100 positive likes. However, according to what I found out later from the admins, it took one or two people to lodge a complaint that prompted the removal. That's crazy. One of two people complaining is going to cause a post with over 100 positive likes to be yanked? What I believe happened is that the post made Peloton look bad. The post contained suggestions as to how Peloton could deal with additional music royalties they were facing. Members were very open to having ads before the workout.

    The Peloton Facebook community is littered with rude and offensive posts. Members are constantly attacking other members. These kinds of posts remain on the site for days. The admins don't read the posts and basically don't monitor the page until someone complains. In the meantime, every week I see posts from members announcing their departure from the group because it has become so toxic. I love my bike. I love the instructors. However, there is a corporate attitude to stifle complaints on the Facebook page. The admins there are more busy removing posts that may offend company image rather than actually do what they are supposed to do - protect the members from being abused by others.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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