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    • Jan 21, 2020
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    Buyer beware!


    UPDATE 01/16/2020: Don't let their canned responses to reviews like this fool you! They called me to say there is NOTHING they are willing to do. This car has clearly been in an accident in the rear, and Vroom refuses to remedy the issue! If you are looking to purchase a car online, I highly suggest one that calls out ALL of the damage on the car! If Vroom wants to step up and do the right thing, I will update this review.

    I will let Vroom respond and I will provide updates if they choose to take care of the HORRIBLE repair job that was done previously on the car (2018 Audi S3 @14k miles).

    While the first purchase in Vroom happened in 2018 and was an overall decent experience, my second purchase in late 2019 was a terrible experience. First off, the sales portion of the transaction was fine. After I decided on the car and purchased it, everything went downhill.


    This was terrible. There was 0 communication from the purchase on when the car was going to be delivered. After about 2 weeks of waiting, I received a call and email stating the car was coming the very next day. The morning of the next day (Friday) I received a call saying the car was being delayed until Saturday. Later on Friday, I received yet another call stating the car was in fact going to be there Friday night. This is difficult when you work for a living, especially if you have a life outside of buying cars.


    When it was delivered, the car came FILTHY! It literally looked like it was a flood-damaged car. The car was delivered in the Midwest, and there was no way to get the car washed as all car washes were closed due to the weather. On top of this, the car came with summer tires only (not stated anywhere).

    When you receive a car that you cannot see any damage, and you can't even drive it, it is difficult to commit to keeping it. However, I warmed up my garage over the next few days and tried to clean it up to check for damage/paint.

    I found many poorly repaired spots on the car with some dents. I contacted Vroom within the 7 days and they agreed to repair what I did find - however, it was like pulling teeth! While the car was in the shop and undrivable for the first 3 weeks I owned it, I could not look it over more. When the car came back from the shop, they pointed out the rear bumper was one of the worst hack jobs they have seen! Mind you, this was a $36k Audi, next to "new" Audi that I couldn't actually look over properly because of the condition the car came in.

    Once the reimbursed the body shop for the repairs they initially agreed to, I contacted them about the rear bumper. Vroom has not returned my calls/emails. They have CHECKED OUT. After repeated attempts, they have not returned my emails/calls.

    Overall, I like the car, but the damage was not disclosed (they tout "Clean CarFax" what a JOKE!). Not only was the damage not disclosed, there was no way for me to see the damage when delivered!

    I want the rear bumper repaired by a professional, not the spray-paint Vroom used to take low-res pictures on their site.

    I will update this review if Vroom decides to do the right thing, and repair the damage not disclosed for a repeat customer.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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