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    • Jan 28, 2020
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    Nutrisystem Diet


    Overall Experience:

    Nutrisystem has had to slash their prices recently. They claim that they have "couseling" rather than coaching, but you're basically on your own. You can call them with questions, but you never get to talk to the same person twice and NO ONE has ever asked me how I'm doing with my weight-loss goals.

    They're finally getting more honest with their advertising. They used to claim that customers could lose "up to" 13 pounds and seven inches in one month. Upon closely questioning a supervisor, it turns out that only determined, obese men have any shot at even approaching that level. They now say it's possible to lose "up to" 18 pounds over two months, "guaranteed". Maybe. That would require losing about 2.5 pounds per week. That might work if you're able to be very physically active, but that also strikes me as a somewhat dubious claim. I'm permanently injured and not able to be very active. Therefore, losing two or more pounds weekly isn't very likely for me. My experience is that the best I've been able to do so far is one pound a week. Better than nothing, or gaining weight, but nothing near the advertising claims.

    Nutrisystem, in my experience, also fails to effectively communicate key details of their program. A booklet is received with each order, but I still find it less than enough detail.

    I have also had difficulties getting changes to my food orders done correctly. They have made good, but it's a pain to have to repeat my requests.

    None of the counselors check my knowledge base about how to do the program. I've found that I have to hope that I ask the right questions and hope that I'll get thorough answers.

    I'm only continuing with Nutrisystem because it's what I can afford right now, but I have to be sure to write down everything I eat and drink (that's important with any weight-loss approach) but I feel like I'm basically on my own. If you feel like you're sufficiently motivated to go it alone, you can lose weight.

    Be sure to understand their concept of "flex" meals if you choose this program. The food is pretty good, but carefully read their booklet and make sure to ask questions. Assume nothing. Ask a lot of questions.

    I've attempted numerous times to talk to the company's representatives and they are nice, but I find their approach to "counseling" disappointing. Counseling or coaching needs to be done on a consistent basis if it's going to be effective, motivating, and helpful. It also needs to be done consistently with the same person who understands where you are, what your goals are, and has a personal interest in you. I spoke with a Nutrisystem supervisor about my concerns about coaching and she replied, "We're not set up to do that." Meaning, individual coaching.

    Bottom line: It's possible to lose weight with Nutrisystem, but be prepared to do the heavy lifting on your own. I have to be committed to doing it largely on my own without much backup or support. Journaling my food and drink and weighing regularly are the best tools...assuming one has a complete enough understanding of their program.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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