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    • Feb 13, 2020
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    Started out promising, ended up disappointed

    Overall Experience:

    The purchase of the vehicle was quick and efficient, completed within a few days. However, the trouble really began with the delivery of the vehicle. I was told I would receive daily updates during the transportation period, which I did not. The first "update" I received was the day before the delivery was originally scheduled. The support team informed me that my delivery had been delayed with no explanation as to why. What made matters worse is the team members I spoke to didn't seem to care about the impact of the delay nor concerned about remedying the situation. This became the norm over the next few days as I continued to receive news that the vehicle was further delayed with each passing day. After several calls to the support team with unclear updates, I asked to escalate the issue to a supervisor. Once I was in contact with the Supervisory team, there was a clear difference in the way the staff handled the delay. The supervisors I was in touch with were much more professional and helpful, followed through with communications and showed concern for the continued delays. They were able to get additional information about why the delivery continued to be delayed, beyond the 10-14 day window Vroom touted throughout the purchase process and stayed in touch through the remaining delivery experience.

    On the day of delivery, despite the numerous confirmations of the scheduled delivery window, the vehicle showed up outside of that delivery window with little prior communication. The vehicle was filthy on the outside (not incredibly surprised due to travel), however, we were surprised by the number of dings and scratches discovered on the vehicle. The interior was unkempt and smelled unsavory. We even found personal items from the previous owner left inside the vehicle. This created concern that the vehicle was not inspected at the level Vroom indicated in previous correspondence.

    There have been several reviews left for Vroom online that were unfavorable but I was hopeful those were the exception to the rule. Unfortunately, my experience seemed to mirror many of those unfavorable reviews. I am extremely disappointed by the level of service provided and after having the vehicle in possession for nearly 2 weeks and reaching out to Vroom concerning this experience on several occasions, I still have yet to hear back from a representative regarding any of my feedback.

    Not only will I not be returning as a customer, I would not recommend Vroom to anyone until there has been a clear overhaul of the customer experience.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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