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    • Mar 9, 2020
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    Overall Experience:

    After being on perpetual standby for 48 hours - with every 6 hours being told it will arrive in the next 6 hours - it finally arrived. It was loaded on a Car Hauler and covered in road grime - I expected this, no way around having a dirty car delivered straight off a transport. This did not bother me.

    What did bother me was that once I got it home and cleaned it up there was significant damage to the paint. Several areas had "rub" marks that rubbed all the way through the paint to the bare metal. None of this damage had been disclosed in the sales description or photos.

    I called Vroom and they told me to go get an estimate and take pictures. Damage estimates were about $2K in damages.

    If Vroom repairs the vehicle I will keep it as I think it is a good vehicle for the price paid. If not, then I will get to experience their 7-day "love it or return it" policy.

    Will update this at a later date.

    As of now - I would say "maybe" buy a car from Vroom if you love what you see and have a very flexible schedule, and are very patient. If they repair the damages then I would recommend...will update as the situation develops.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Mar 5, 2020

    Buyer beware - no transparency on delivery delays.

    What started out as a delightful foray into car shopping has my nerves rattled. The sales process - smooth as silk, couldn't be easier; they put their A team on the job. That's about where it all goes to heck. They email, call, and tell you your vehicle will be arriving on X date. Then X date arrives and they don't call, you have to call them and all they can say is that "Something happened with the transport and it has been delayed." They REFUSE to give any specific details on what happened, where it is, etc. etc. They REFUSE to give you any details on the car you just paid for, and they could care less that you had to spend your week's schedule to take delivery on the date they said it would show. I'm highly suspect of any organization that does not offer total and complete transparency on property you paid for.

    After reading several reviews, the "delayed delivery" tactic is a common technique used by this company to keep their customers in the dark while they attempt to fix things that went wrong either in the final inspection, or during transit (broken windows, body damage, etc). Rather than being honest, there is an attempt to cover and hope that you do not notice. I'm not saying that is the case with my vehicle (I haven't received it yet), but when any organization REFUSES to give specific begs the question of integrity and intent.

    I only went with Vroom due to my bank, USAA endorsing them on their "Online Car Buying" site. USAA has (maybe "had" is a better word) a reputation for excellent customer service, only recommending those services that have been vetted and hold up to scrutiny. In my discussion with USAA, they stated that they will NO LONGER BE OFFERING VROOM in the future due to the many complaints they have had to intervene in - TOO MANY COMPLAINTS.

    I'll update this review once I take possession and look it over.

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