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    • Mar 21, 2020
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    Freedom Debt Relief


    Overall Experience:

    At first they were really helpful. They said the website would have everything I needed and they would upload any documents I would need there so I could download them if I needed. Like tax 1099C or any settlement notices they received. Nope, that never happed. Getting my 1099C from them was like pulling teeth on a crocodile. Telling me they would go to my address, how could the creditors sent to my address when you at the beginning asked me to change my address to your address in Arizona?

    Let's talk about fees, wow, these guys are expensive, I understand they are negotiating my card balances down but 21% and then $3 or $5 or $10.00 fees for every payment made, EFT fees, every phone call made.

    Then they change their website and you no longer can see each settlement payment by monthly transaction and the date it will pay and how much.

    Customer service will not help, they just beat around the bush.

    I paid a lump sum to graduate early, they are the ones that told me the actual dollar figure to send in to pay everything off, that was on 9/15/2019. Usually when you have enough money to pay a settlement they will pay it off. Oh, not this time, oh, they stated oh, the rules have changed, we will not pay your 4 accounts until the 5th account is fully negotiated with the company. Strange when just a month prior they just paid an account because there was enough money in the account to do so, but when it was on my terms, they refused. They just wanted all of those monthly EFT fees to add up. But they finally did. No, I am waiting on one account that on my credit report that reads charged off as bad debt profit and loss write off and they refuse to give me answers on what they are going to do next, the account is no longer reporting there is no new collection on my account so the company did not transfer the debt, it says charged off as bad debt profit and loss write-off.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Mar 25, 2020

      Company Response from Freedom Debt Relief

      Thank you for voicing your concerns to us, Erika. We are sorry you aren't satisfied with how your program was handle. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns and better your experience. One of our team members will be reaching out shortly. Thank you for choosing Freedom Debt Relief.

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