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    • Apr 4, 2020
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    Exactly what I was looking for

    Overall Experience:

    Was really craving a way to taste and experience new whiskies without buying a whole brand new big bottle. I wanted a sample, to see if it liked it before I go and buy more of it. Flaviar is exactly that, each quarter you get a sample tester of three 50 ml bottles of your picking of whiskey. They have a variety of 3 packs to pick from, bourbons, scotches, ryes, Japanese whisky, etc. Even other spirits, rum, gin and such. I do the quarter payments, $95 and you get one 3 50 ml tastings and a bottle of whiskey from a specific selection (of 8ish bottles to choose from). The other months you get free shipping to buy more bottles or tastings. I do wish you had the option to get 2 sets of tastings instead of 1 set and 1 full bottle. Or even another plan like one 3 set tasting a month. I would sign up for that, 12 tastings a year would be awesome.

    The tastings are awesome, they give you a coaster and a bunch of flavor spirals to read about the spirits you are drinking.

    Pros: Great way to get new tastings. Quick shipping (for me at least - about a week), good customer service, a lot of ways to learn about the spirits you are drinking, and constant flow of new stuff (merch, the vault - high-end drinks, new tastings). And you get to read reviews on the spirits before you buy.

    Cons: You (at least I) feel like you want/deserve more. You pay $95 (or $300+ for the yearly) get your 1 quarterly tasting (three 50 ml) and bottle and then it feels like that's its. You have to wait another two months until you get another tasting. You can buy more tastings/bottles using the one free shipping they give you but it feels like its missing something. Wish there was just a little bit more.

    I am a fan, and can't wait until my next tasting. Hopefully, they have a monthly subscription in the works for more tastings! Maybe a $50 monthly subscription that gets you three 50 ml tastings a month (from a 4-5 selection to choose)? With the option to skip a month (kind of like Bespoke Post but for spirits).

    Would definitely recommend to someone who likes/enjoys drinking as a hobby (knowing where the stuff is made and respects the field) or is getting into it.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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