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    • Apr 7, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer


    Inconvenient - the exact opposite of what it should be

    Overall Experience:

    I'll break my review into three parts:


    - Great! Everything was smooth, my online salesman was helpful without being overbearing.

    - Contract signing is done via overnight FedEx - wish this was digitized.


    - Didn't get regular updates on prep status - the status of the car before it's picked up to be delivered.

    - It took them 4 weeks to deliver the car - communication was poor, had to call in requesting updates - even escalated to a supervisor that promised me regular updates, never happened.

    Post- Delivery:

    - Car was dirty (expected on an open carrier, not a big deal).

    - Check Engine light on.

    - Tire Pressure Monitoring System Error light on.

    - Vroom expects you to chase down shops, quotes, facilitate all legwork for diagnostic and repair work.

    - Approvals and Payments for repairs were timely - IF you call and make sure they take care of it immediately.

    - Generally unresponsive to email responses on "support tickets."

    - Put a lot of work on you to get the car registered in your state.

    Over-all not sure the convenience factor they hype is worth it. I was shipped a broken car - incredibly disappointing. Took four weeks and daily calls for updates to receive the car. I have to call multiple times a day to be sure work is actually progressing on my support tickets (car is still not fixed presently).

    One day of inconvenience at a local dealership ends up being way less of a burden then this hassle has been (and still is).

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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