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    • Apr 7, 2020
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    GutConnect 365

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    I have always had gut issues, IBS, and a positive blood test for celiac disease. I decided to try GutConnect 365 due to the combination of natural ingredients. After the second dose, I noticed two things: I was diuresing at a rapid rate and losing the chronic swelling I always have in my lower legs. My blood pressure responded by coming down to normal. After the first week, I had to discontinue my blood pressure medication. I don't know why this happened because none of the ingredients are known to do this. Another thing I noticed right away was a clearing of mental fog. My mind feels sharper than it has in years, like being wide awake. Again, none of the ingredients specifically claim this as a benefit. I can't say I've noticed much change in my bowel habits, but the diuretic and mental alertness alone make me want to continue the product. The flavor is pretty good, it mixes well, however, there are granules in the bottom of the cup which I wonder if I should work at getting them all. I wonder what it is, and if it would ever completely resolve?

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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