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    • Apr 11, 2020
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    Sono Bello

    Cringe at the name Sono Bello

    Overall Experience:

    Hopefully, this review will help at least one woman from wasting her money at Sono Bello. It’s only after becoming a Christian can I now forgive this company for their misleading and deceptions.

    First is the consultation. Yes the staff is extremely nice but who wouldn’t be, they want your money. You’re told if you leave a $1,000 deposit that day then ONLY can you save $2,500 from the total cost of the procedure. (Who doesn’t want to save 2,500?) The fine print said I had to purchase more than one area. They said the laser treatment they used would solve the problem of excessive skin after the liposuction when I asked about it. The day of the liposuction the doctor flipped the switch off of the lipo vacuum after he was finished and said I would definitely need skin removal but since they don’t deal with any incisions or surgery of that magnitude I would have to find a doctor that did. The laser did nothing and so I paid a total of $6,500 plus deposit only to look worse because I have rolls that are now empty and look more saggy than ever. Ladies when you get lipo on your lower and upper abdomen they don’t tell you that you will have back fat that bulges out from your bra strap more noticeably now either. When I complained they just gave me their motto - "EVERYBODYS DIFFERENT!" If I ever hear that phrase I just want to scream.

    I cringe at every commercial I see misleading women who are desperate for a slimmer makeover and will just get disappointed. Those people on TV may be real but they had to get plastic surgery to remove the skin that they just don’t do at Sono Bello. Don’t waste your money ladies. Don’t let them make you bitter instead of better.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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